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June 16-18, 2003 / Chicago
Driving Product Lifecycle Profits From Launch Through Renewal
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Conference Background
Much attention has been paid to the statistic - 80% of product costs are determined at the definition phase.

Trouble is, 100% of the profits are realized after the product's been launched!

And a lot can happen between the time a product’s defined and when it finally hits the market. Customer needs and technologies shift, suppliers (and parts) come and go, regulations change – and a product can turn out quite differently once it's manufactured.

That’s when you know just what your sales and margins really are. That’s when the ability to quickly generate derivatives, find new markets, switch production methods, adjust pricing, streamline service – or even kill a product – can make a huge difference in both the top and bottom line.

That is why the Product Development & Management Association (PDMA) and Management Roundtable (MRT), the two foremost organizations in this field, are pleased to announce Driving Product Lifecycle Profits from Launch to Renewal, to be held June 16-18 in Chicago.

This first-ever conference is not about which products to put in the pipeline – it’s about making the highest possible return on investment from those already committed. It will explore leveraging, extending, renewing and/or rationalizing product lines as well as bridging the communication gaps that often occur across functions – gaps that cause slowdowns, needless turf wars, and costly mistakes.

By participating you will receive:

  • "How-to" guidelines for managing product platforms, architectures, and technologies – how to generate maximum revenue while optimizing resources
  • Ways to manage hand-offs, cross-functional synchronization, supplier/contractor integration, and ramp up
  • Methods, measures and tools such as product road-mapping, lifecycle analysis, and more to enable predictive planning, better decisions and greater payback

Overall, you will come away with insights and best practices to make sure that the 80% of cost that was determined up-front yields 100% of profit when the rubber meets the road – repeatedly.


Scott CampbellScott Campbell

Scott Campbell is a Director in the Communications and Electronics Practice at global management consulting firm PRTM. He has worked with high-technology companies throughout the US, Asia, and Europe to improve their performance in product development and marketing and sales. Mr. Campbell manages major initiatives with communications service and equipment providers and software companies, ranging from start-ups to multi-billion dollar international organizations, with particular emphasis on rapid development and delivery of new products and services to market. Mr. Campbell also helped to establish PRTM’s Marketing and Sales Practice. Prior to joining PRTM, Mr. Campbell held posts as a product design manager for Apple Computer and as a manager of mechanical engineering for AT&T/Paradyne.

Bill AusuraBill Ausura
Product & Portfolio Professionals

Bill Ausura is certified as a New Product Development Professional and NPDP instructor by the Product Development & Management Association. He is also currently the President of PDMA’s NY/NJ local chapter. His 35 years of computer and telecommunications industry experiences at Lucent Technologies, AT&T and other companies were primarily in the areas of product and portfolio management, and he is currently an independent consultant and president of Product & Portfolio Professionals, based in Englishtown, New Jersey. He also advises, develops courses and is an instructor for Sequent Learning Networks (, a company specializing in professional education of product and portfolio managers and their teams.

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