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June 16-18, 2003 / Chicago
Driving Product Lifecycle Profits From Launch Through Renewal
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Do any of the following situations exist in your organization? See how each issue will be addressed at the conference.

Your SKUs are out of control -- too many products,
customers can't differentiate


  • How to manage product line complexity and proliferation
  • When, how and on what basis to adjust marketing as a product matures
  • How to position, change or differentiate products based on customer feedback
  • How to rationalize the product line, how to de-select and when to kill product(s)
  • How to predict/plan obsolescence and drive product development based on that plan

The development process is great, everything falls apart at launch

Find out:

  • How road-mapping can align cross-functional teams and create team ownership
  • How to ensure clear communication between functions, especially R&D and sales
  • Who should "own" the process - different organizational models
  • Key success factors of quick ramp-ups
  • How to model a product's lifecycle from launch through retirement (or renewal), and get functional groups to buy in
  • How to synchronize supply chain, service chain, and demand chain
  • How to create a strategic partnership with suppliers and contractors
  • When and how to outsource launch

You've got multiple markets with different needs, long life-cycle products with short life-cycle components, and/or competitors with lower-cost knock-offs -- how do you hold onto your core?


  • What product architecture decisions provide optimum flexibility/customizability while retaining unique competitive advantage
  • How to lay out the evolution of multiple sub-systems and components - how to budget and plan for changing needs and market segments
  • How to strategically re-use technology across platforms or product lines; i.e. enter different markets without reinvesting in development

Your product's getting obsolete, it's probably time to introduce something new - but will customers buy?

Discover techniques to:

  • Extend product life as long as possible - maximize revenues
  • Assess and measure the "health" of products
  • Analyze the costs and benefits of new products versus customer migration
  • Anticipate future customer needs and integrate with evolving technologies
  • Reduce risk - anticipate key events that signal the need to recalibrate

If the above sounds at all like product development at your company, Driving Product Lifecycle Profits will provide you with techniques and approaches to overcome these common obstacles and create a pro-active implementation plan.

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