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June 16-18, 2003 / Chicago
Driving Product Lifecycle Profits From Launch Through Renewal
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Pre-Conference Workshops
Monday, June 16

Workshop A - Morning Workshop
Managing Product Families and Platforms: Maximizing Profit and Performance Across the Lifecycle

Excellent, practical overview of product family and platform management

For many companies, a great deal of attention is placed on the development of new products and new platforms. Well-tuned processes, methodologies, and organization approaches help ensure rapid time to market and improve hit rates. But once a product is launched, how is it managed for ongoing profitability? This half-day workshop will provide a practical overview of Lifecycle Management best practices addressing topics such as:

  • Product family and platform definitions – correctly defining platforms and products
  • Definition and scope of Product Lifecycle Management – activities encompassed and decisions required
  • Using lifecycle analysis to guide product and platform decisions
  • Product platform management – planning and managing the life of a product family and its underlying platform for maximum customer and business value
  • Product line rationalization – managing end of life and customer migration proactively to preserve profits
  • Coordinating product management, market management, supply chain management, and asset management
  • Making lifecycle management more dependable and repeatable: process structure, organization approaches, roles and responsibilities, and metrics
  • Implementation approaches and lessons learned

The workshop will include case examples and hands on exercises to ensure practical take-aways for all attendees.


S.Campbell50.gif (4532 bytes)Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell is a Director in the Communications and Electronics Practice at global management consulting firm PRTM. He has worked with high-technology companies throughout the US, Asia, and Europe to improve their performance in product development and marketing and sales. Prior to joining PRTM, Mr. Campbell held posts as a product design manager for Apple Computer and as a manager of mechanical engineering for AT&T/Paradyne.

Daniel BowmanDaniel Bowman

Daniel Bowman is a Principal in the Communications and Electronics Practice at global management consulting firm PRTM. Mr. Bowman’s expertise includes strategy, marketing and sales, product strategy, and product development. Prior to joining PRTM, he worked in the Consumer Electronics Group of Sony Electronics, in the areas of strategic planning and home audio marketing. Following Sony, Mr. Bowman helped launch T-Mobile, a wireless communications provider in the US, where he worked in a marketing and sales capacity.

Workshop B - Afternoon Workshop
Product and Technology Roadmapping: Managing Platform and Portfolio Complexities

Recommended for cross-functional teams and collaborative decision-making

Ever faster product cycles mean that you and your product development teams must look beyond current development cycle to make sure you know where you are headed -- and what features, capabilities, and technologies you need to get there. This workshop introduces product and technology mapping tools that enable decision-makers to sequence technology and product development to meet portfolio objectives.

By participating, you will be able to take the first steps toward implementing roadmapping and to apply more sophisticated methods as the maturity of their processes increases. The workshop illustrates the value of composite "pictures" as devices for data gathering, documenting, and updating, and for group/ team/ collaborative decision-making.

This half-day, highly interactive roadmapping workshop combines lecture with a case-based learning experience to provide you with the knowledge and skills to "roadmap" a product line, industry or technology area. Working in small teams, you will create a roadmap for a new product line as learning activity. You will learn about key features of several types of maps, from early "back of the envelope" maps to the more sophisticated maps now used in many companies, You will also learn how to use roadmaps in portfolio and technology management and how to communicate plans and strategies to customers, suppliers and development team members.

"In its simplest form, a Product-Technology Roadmap lays out the evolution and timing of platform products to serve multiple, changing market segment needs…"
-- Richard Albright, in PDMA Visions, Oct. 2002


Sheila MelloRichard Albright
The Albright Strategy Group LLC

Dr. Richard E. Albright, Principal of The Albright Strategy Group, LLC, works with corporations, industry groups and government organizations on roadmapping, technology futures, and strategy development. He was previously Director, Technology Strategy and Assessment at Bell Laboratories where he was responsible for development of technology management strategy for Lucent Technologies. He chairs the Roadmapping Task Force of MATI (Management of Accelerated Technology Innovation), a leading industry and academic consortium identifying and developing best practices in technology management.

Beebe NelsonBeebe Nelson
Working Forums

Beebe Nelson, Founder & President of Working Forums, is a consultant in innovation specializing in Portfolio Management, Life Cycle Management, Market Segmentation, Technology Mapping, Product Definition and Voice of the Customer. She has contributed many articles to professional journals, and "Product and Technology Roadmapping," co-authored with Rich Albright, will appear in the PDMA Toolbook next year. She is also on the faculty of Sequent Learning Networks.

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