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Strategic Management of Technology and Product Lifecycles

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Conference Agenda

Tuesday - November 13

Pre-conference Workshop

7:00–8:00 Continental Breakfast & Registration
8:00–5:00 "Solving the Innovation Equation"
Tony Ulwick, Strategyn
12:00–1:00 Lunch

Wednesday - November 14

Main Conference - Day One

7:00–8:00 Continental Breakfast & Registration
8:00–8:15 Opening Remarks
Gregg Tong, Management Roundtable

Developing Technology and Innovation Roadmaps

8:15–9:15 Managing Innovation Trajectories for Sustainable Success
Susan Walsh Sanderson, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
9:15–10:15 Case Study:
Integrating Technology into Product Architecture

Jonathan Propp, Sun Microsystems
10:15–10:30 Refreshment Break
10:30–11:30 Case Study:
Product Generation at "the Edge of Chaos"

Joni Ohta, Hewlett-Packard
11:30–12:45 Lunch & Breakout Sessions:

A. Knowledge-centric New Product Development
Charles Weinstein, PhD, Sopheon Corporation

B. Product Lifecycle Automation
Paul Webb, Novare

C. Constraints-based Portfolio and Pipeline Management: Delivering More, Faster and with the Same Resources
Sanjeev Gupta, Speed to Market

Forecasting Customer Demand

12:45–1:45 Keynote:

"Market Readiness: Designing and Launching Winning New Products that People Really Want"

Dr. Robert G. Cooper
Professor of Marketing
McMaster University

1:45–2:45 Case Study:
Creating New Products - Keeping with Customer Requirements and Rapid Innovation Demand

Juergen Jaeger, IKOS Systems, Inc.

Optimizing Lifecycle Profits

2:45-3:45 Case Study:
Product Cost Management at Harley-Davidson

Dan O'Callaghan & Dantar Oosterwal, Harley-Davidson
3:45–4:00 Refreshment Break
4:00–5:30 Keynote:

"Focus is So Important We Focus on Everything! — Winnowing Down the Options in Technology-Enabled Markets"

Geoffrey Moore
Chasm Group

5:30–7:00 Networking Reception

Thursday - November 15

Main Conference - Day Two

7:30–8:30 Continental Breakfast

Ensuring Product Ramp-up and Successful Product Transitions

8:30–9:30 Case Study:
Genesis of a New Product: A Small Tech Company's Innovative Approach
David Roach, Navitrak Int'l
9:30–10:30 Case Study:
Reducing Transition to Production Risks

Robert Hawiszczak, Raytheon
10:30–10:45 Refreshment Break
10:45–11:45 Case Study:
IBM's Reengineering for Profitable Product Development

Paul Aspinwall, IBM
11:45- 12:00 Closing Remarks
Gregg Tong, Management Roundtable
12:00–2:00 NPD Executive Roadmap Series
Luncheon Wrapup

Additional Private Session with Dr. Cooper

Supporting Organizations:
Sopheon   Sloan Management Review American Electronics Association


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