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Strategic Management of Technology and Product Lifecycles

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Conference Faculty

Paul C. Aspinwall
Process Architect, IBM
[Presentation Abstract]

During 33 years with IBM, Paul has been a salesman, market planner, business strategist, for software, manager of product forecasting and business planning for software in Europe, manager of technology planning for internal use of IT, manager of systems education, program manager on National Language Support and Information Development, and currently a process architect for IBM’s Integrated Product Development process. In 1999, the book "Business Process Engineering" includes a chapter he co-authored on "IBM Reengineering from a Development Reengineering Perspective." Paul has presented on IBM’s reengineering efforts at the International Association for Product Development workshops >and at Management Roundtable workshops.

In addition to IBM, Paul has been an instructor at Polytechnic University (project management and IT management courses) and was a Data Processing Officer in the U.S. Army Security Agency. Paul has a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin (1964) and an M.S. in Telecommunications and Computing Management from Polytechnic University (1993).

Dr. Robert CooperRobert Cooper
Professor of Marketing, McMaster University
Co-author, Portfolio Management for New Products
[Keynote Abstract]

Dr. Robert G. Cooper is a world expert in the field of new product management. He has been labelled "the quintessential scholar" in the field of new products in the U.S. publication, Journal of Product Innovation Management and is a Crawford Fellow of the Product Development & Management Association. He is Professor of Marketing and for seven years was the Lawson Mardon Chaired Professor of Industrial Marketing and Technology Management at Michael G. DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. He is also ISBM Distinguished Research Fellow at Penn State University’s Smeal College of Business Administration. Bob was formerly an Associate Dean of McGill University’s Faculty of Management.

Bob is the father and developer of the Stage-GateTM process, now widely used by leading firms around the world to drive new products to market. He has helped dozens of leading corporations design and implement his Stage-Gate new products process – from consumer goods firms, such as Procter & Gamble, SC Johnsons Wax, Hallmark Cards and Reckitt & Colman to chemical companies including Rohm & Haas, DuPont, Arco Chemical, Mobil Chemical, ICI and Hoechst; from financial service firms such as VISA and Royal Bank of Canada to higher technology companies such as GTE’s Network System Division, Pfizer Medical Devices and British Nuclear Fuels and even business service product companies, such as PECO, NYNEX and VISA. Bob is also the developer of the NewProd system for screening and diagnosing new product projects, also used by a number of companies.

Dr. Cooper is a thought-leader in the field of product innovation management. He has published more than 75 articles in leading journals on new product management, and many of these have been leading edge articles, having a profound impact on product innovation practices in industry. He is twice the winner of the prestigious Maurice Holland Award from the IRI (Industrial Research Institute, Washington), the only person to have ever won twice; and the five times winner of the UK’s award for the best article in the publication R&D Management. He is also the 1999 winner of the Lee Rivers Award from the Commercial Development & Marketing Association (U.S.) for his contribution to member companies via his Stage-Gate process. His research is sponsored by companies such as Dow Chemical and Exxon.

Bob has also written six books on new product management, including the popular, "Winning at New Products: Accelerating the Process from Idea to Launch". With over 50,000 copies sold, "Winning at New Products" has become the bible for corporations wanting to overhaul the way they go about conceiving, developing and launching new products. His most recent books are "Portfolio Management for New Product Development" which looks at the way leading companies go about managing their portfolio of R&D and new product investments (co-authored with Kleinschmidt and Edgett); and "Product Leadership: Creating & Launching Superior New Products", which is aimed at the leadership team of the business.

Bob holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Chemical Engineering, an MBA, and a PhD in Business.

Robert Hawiszczak
Technical & Strategy Staroint, Raytheon
[Presentation Details]

Bob is responsible for Technical and Strategy development activities at the Product Development Center in Raytheon Electronic Systems –Texas. He is heavily involved in the Design-Manufacturing Interface and is leading an effort to streamline Production Launch activities by improving upstream Design Development Processes. He is a Raytheon Six Sigma Expert.

Bob has over twenty years of experience in Design and Manufacturing operations, both as an Engineering Manager and Technologist. He has received several awards for his impact on Texas Instruments and Raytheon businesses. Bob has contributed to several texts including "Producibility Systems Guidelines", "Electronics Manufacturing Processes", and "Producibility Measurement." He has spoken at numerous conferences and holds a U.S. Patent for Design Process Capability Analysis. In 1994, he was awarded the Reliability, Maintainabilty and Quality Award by the U.S. Navy for his contributions to Producibility practices. Bob was also a member of the Texas Instruments team that successfully won the Baldrige National Quality Award.

He is currently working on deployment of a Stage-Gate Design Process that embeds Six Sigma, Maufacturing and Supply Chain knowledge into Design and Development, with appropriate measures and Management Reviews, to ensure a smooth transition into Prototype and Full Production. His paper will describe the issues regarding Production Transitions, improvements to the Gating Process and deployment feedback.

Juergen Jaeger
Director of Worldwide Channel Marketing, IKOS Systems, Inc.
[Presentation Details]

Juergen Jaeger is the Director of worldwide Channel Marketing for IKOS Systems Inc. and has more than 10 years of experience in the EDA industry. Before joining IKOS in 1997 as Product Marketing Manager and later Director of Product Marketing, he was European Marketing Manager for Data I/O Corp. He started his career as a hardware engineer, moving into technical support and finally into marketing and product marketing.

Peter MarksPeter Marks
Managing Director, Design Insight
[Workshop Details]

Peter Marks is Managing Director of Design Insight. His consulting work has helped design teams develop great products worldwide (including several here in the Silicon Valley) with more than $3 billion worth of incremental revenue to date. Peter is author of three books in the field and eDesign columnist for Computer Aided Engineering magazine. A "best of the best" from past Management Roundtable conferences, his programs have been top rated by four engineering societies and both the American and Japan Management Associations. Each year, Peter conducts original research in some aspect of new product development. This tutorial is based on recent research on customer buying criteria, effective market segmentation, and hinge-point product planning. If you’re interested, don’t miss it. This will be the only public presentation of this research this year.

Sandy MunroSandy Munro
President, Munro & Associates
[Workshop Details]

A frequent speaker and advisor to some of the worlds top manufacturing executives on implementing cultural change and integrated product development strategies, Sandy Munro offers his clients a wealth of perspective and a penchant for technology transfer. Although he began his career in the automotive industry and has worked extensively with global auto makers and key tier one suppliers, his experience and insight cuts across virtually every segment of the manufacturing industry.

One of the pioneers in the application of Design for Assembly (DFA)/Design for Manufacturability (DFM) principles, Sandy Munro founded his consulting firm, Munro & Associates, Inc., in 1988 to help North American manufacturers harness the power of concurrent engineering/DFM to reach new levels of global competitiveness.

Since that time, Munro & Associates, Inc. has helped manufacturers of all types of products -- from airplanes to toys, appliances to medical devices, and automobiles to electronics -- to save an estimated $40 billion and retain or return to North America some 200,000 jobs. Also, his company’s service portfolio has expanded to include a number of interrelated tools to help manufacturing companies succeed, including ergonomics consulting, competitive benchmarking, strategic product planning, value analysis/value-engineering services, and the Munro Quality Report Card (MQRC), which can help companies reach Six Sigma quality levels.

With more than 26 years of experience in designing, building and processing components, Sandy brings clients an unmatched breadth of experience gained in the manufacturing and engineering environments. After beginning his career as a toolmaker, he worked his way up the ranks to designer and eventually became engineering manager at Valiant Machine Tool Company, a leading Detroit area specialty tool company.

In 1978, Sandy joined Ford Motor Company and shifted roles from machine tool and automation designer to manufacturing engineer. After several projects where he helped increase productivity on engine assembly lines, he was promoted to Senior Automation Specialist, where he supervised installation and development of new, more productive engine manufacturing lines.

After discovering and successfully implementing design for assembly principles at Ford, Sandy was named Corporate Coordinator - Design for Assembly for the automaker. In this new position, Sandy helped Ford utilize DFA to save billions of dollars, improve quality and reduce development cycles during the early 1980's. At his urging, Ford granted the University of Rhode Island nearly $1 million to develop and expand DFA methodologies to include all manufacturing disciplines.

In addition to his extensive background in manufacturing, engineering and automation, Sandy also brings a contagious enthusiasm, an unchecked curiosity, a fresh and unique perspective and a never-say-die attitude ... all key to the team-building needed for successful concurrent engineering. He believes teamwork, not technology, is the most important success factor for a manufacturing company.

Evangelical in spreading the "gospel" of paradigm shifts, concurrent engineering and innovation, Sandy has chaired and spoken at numerous engineering conferences and symposia across North America and Europe. He has also lectured at Stanford, Purdue, University of Rhode Island, the University of Michigan and other universities. A member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and the Engineering Society of Detroit, he was born near Windsor, Ontario, and now resides in the Detroit area.

Geoffrey MooreGeoffrey Moore
Chairman, Chasm Group
Author, Living on the Fault Line, Inside the Tornado and Crossing the Chasm
[Keynote Abstract]

Geoffrey Moore is Chairman and Founder of The Chasm Group (TCG), a consulting practice that provides marketing strategy and organizational services to many leading high-technology companies. Moore is also a Venture Partner with Mohr, Davidow Ventures, a California-based venture capital firm specializing in specific technology markets, including e-commerce, internet, enterprise software, networking and communications and semiconductors. Prior to founding TCG, he was a principal and partner at Regis McKenna Inc. for five years, and for the decade prior to that, a sales and marketing executive at three different software companies: Rand Information Systems, Enhansys, and Mitem.

Geoffrey Moore’s latest book is Living on the Fault Line in which he turns his attention to the most critical question for businesses today: how can companies that rose to prominence prior to the Age of the Internet, characteristically called the Brick and Mortars or BAMs, manage for shareholder value now that the Internet is here? Clearly, the old management truths have been laid to rest, and business models must be revised to accommodate the shifts of alignments among the various strata that make up the competitive advantage hierarchy since the dotcom revolution of the last decade. In Fault Line, Geoffrey Moore resets the management agenda by providing new metrics and navigational tools to keep the team on course as well as new strategies for achieving and sustaining competitive advantage. Specifically, "to ground the corporation on true bedrock, executive teams must cut through the context to get down to the core" since in a nutshell it is "core" that equates to competitive advantage.

Moore is also the author of Crossing the Chasm, in which he introduces readers to a gap or "chasm" that innovative companies and their products must cross in order to reach the lucrative mainstream market. Based upon two decades of high-tech marketing experience, the ideas in the book provide the basis of TCG's practice. Moore's second book, Inside the Tornado, provides readers with insight into how to capitalize on the potential for hypergrowth beyond the chasm, detailing the need for radical shifts in market strategy and prescribing appropriate tactics for succeeding in each stage of the cycle. The Gorilla Game is Moore's third book, which he co-authored with The Chasm Group managing partner and high-tech marketing strategist Tom Kippola, and stock investment guru and BancAmerica Robertson Stephens analyst Paul Johnson. It offers readers a coherent approach to high-tech investing and an understanding of how to build a solid investment strategy around purchasing and holding stocks of what the authors call "gorilla" companies.

Mr. Moore holds a undergraduate degree in literature from Stanford University and a Ph.D. from the University of Washington. He also served as an English professor at Olivet College.

Dan O'Callaghan
Director of Product Cost, Harley-Davidson
[Presentation Details]

Dan O’Callaghan is a Director of Product Cost for the Harley-Davidson Motor Company. His responsibilities include the development of a Product Cost Management process linking Product Development with the Financial organization to consistently deliver new products to cost on time. Dan has been with Harley-Davidson since 1994 and has held positions including Powertrain Current Product Manager, Southern Region Dealer Representative, and Powertrain Program Manager of an overseas joint venture. Prior to Harley-Davidson, Dan held various engineering and production positions with General Electric in the Medical Systems, Lighting, and Superabrasive businesses.

Dan holds a Metallurgical Engineering degree from the University of Cincinnati and a Masters degree in Manufacturing Management and Business Administration from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management.

Joni Ohta
Senior Consultant, Hewlett-Packard
[Presentation Details]

Joni Ohta is an experienced leader and consultant on breakthrough product generation initiatives. Within HP/Agilent, she has developed programs and strategies in consumer, measurement and internet product and services, for grassroots and start-up businesses to established, multi-national, multi-billion dollar businesses. Most recently, she has been working to establish living, generative systems that adapt to the accelerated pace of business in increasingly complex and uncertain environments.

Dantar Oosterwal
Director of Product Cost, Harley-Davidson
[Presentation Details]

Dantar Oosterwal is a Director of Product Cost for the Harley-Davidson Motor Company. His responsibilities include the development of a Product Cost Management process linking Product Development with the Financial organization to consistently deliver new products to cost on time. Dantar has been with Harley-Davidson since 1997 and has held positions that include Purchasing Manager for the Buell Motorcycle Company (a subsidiary of Harley-Davidson Inc.) and Purchasing Lead as a part of a motorcycle platform management team. Prior to Harley Davidson, Dantar held various engineering positions with General Motors including Design Engineering, Advanced Engineering, Factory Foreman, Release Engineer for the Corvette, and Staff Engineer in Paris, France.

Dantar holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from The University of Michigan and a Masters degree in Business Management from the Sloan School of Management at M.I.T.

Jonathan Propp
Manager, Strategic Directions, Sun Microsystems
[Presentation Details]

Jonathan Propp is Manager, Strategic Development, in the Systems Product Group of Sun Microsystems. In this role, he is responsible for designing and implementing next-generation product development processes. He is currently implementing a systems hardware architecture process for Sun. Prior to this, he developed and implemented a product life cycle process.

He has worked in high technology operations, product and process development for 13 years. He holds an BA from Harvard University and an MBA from Yale.

David C. Roach
Director of Development, Navitrak International
[Presentation Details]

David C. Roach, MBA, P.Eng. brings almost two decades of experience in the area of innovation management and entrepreneurship, specializing in the field of Product & Process innovation. Career highlights include such diverse areas as technology commercialization, product design & development, investment financing, manufacturing engineering and business consulting. A mechanical engineer by profession, his education also includes an MBA in international business & marketing, as well as training at such institutes as Harvard Business School and Kellogg Graduate School of Management. He lectures at the graduate level at Dalhousie University in the areas of Marketing Technology Products, New Product Development and New Venture Creation.

Mr. Roach is currently the Director of Development at Navitrak International Corporation Navitrak is a GPS mobile mapping company specializing in the development and manufacture of navigation for institutional and commercial users.

Tony UlwickTony Ulwick
CEO, Strategyn, Inc.
[Workshop Details]

Tony Ulwick began his business career at IBM in 1980, working as a design engineer in what would become the IBM PC Company. Through his 11 years at IBM, he accepted positions in finance, sales, product planning and as an internal research and strategic planning consultant. Witnessing the failure of such products as the PCjr and OS2, Tony vowed to find or create an approach to managing innovation that would ensure company success. Between 1985 and 1990, he formulated a new approach for delivering customer value that would create the foundation of his unique innovation management concepts.

Today, Tony’s methods are being practiced in dozens of countries throughout Asia, Europe, the Pacific Rim and North America, across many industries including aerospace, medical devices, electronics, packaging, information processing and manufacturing.

In 1995, Ulwick founded Strategyn, a firm dedicated to automating and simplifying the techniques that were being used to successfully manage innovation. Mr. Ulwick has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is also the author of Business Strategy Formulation: Theory, Process and the Intellectual Revolution (Quorum Books, 1999). While creating the tools and methods he teaches in his workshops, Tony has developed unique skills in the areas of requirements gathering, quantitative market research, team facilitation, and is also trained in the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ/TIPS).

Susan Walsh Sanderson
Associate Professor, Lally School of Management, Rensellaer Polytechnic Institute
[Presentation Details]

Susan Walsh Sanderson is an Associate Professor in the Lally School of Management at Rensselaer. She received her PhD in sociology from the University of Pittsburgh in 1980. She has been on the faculty at Carnegie-Mellon University and was a research associate at the Conference Board in New York. She was a founding Program Director of the Innovation and Organizational Change Program, a cross directorate program at the National Science Foundation funding interdisciplinary research on innovation.

She is author, with Vic Uzumeri, of a book entitled Managing Product Families, McGraw-Hill, 1997 as well as several articles in international management and management of design and manufacturing. Other publications on product development include Sanderson, Susan Walsh and Mustafa Uzumeri, "Managing Product Families: The Case of the Sony Walkman," Research Policy, Volume 24, 1995, pp. 761 -782; Mustafa Uzumeri and Susan Walsh Sanderson, "A Framework for Model and Product Family Competition," Research Policy, Volume 24, 1995, pp. 583-607.

Dr Sanderson's teaching focuses on the management of product and process development and strategy. She has developed several multimedia case studies and simulation programs. She is recipient of the Boeing Outstanding Educator award and part of the RPI team that won the Hesburg Award for innovative teaching.

Charles Weinstein, PhD
Director of Knowledge Management Consulting
Sopheon Corporation
[Luncheon Breakout]

Chad Weinstein is a recognized authority in the area of applied knowledge management. His expertise encompasses a range of topics within this field, including content management planning and implementation; knowledge management strategy development; and design, creation and implementation of customized solutions. Chad led the development of Sopheon’s industry-leading process for content taxonomy development, and has also focused on the application of KM practices to e-business. He is currently focused on helping new product development (NPD) organizations to use excellent information content, technology, and processes to drive more effective NPD decision-making, innovation, and collaboration.

Prior to joining Sopheon, Chad directed client services for an information services firm, managing multifaceted projects within large client organizations. He also worked as a solo consultant for eight years, specializing in support to corporate content-management initiatives. His practice included solution design and implementation, including content architecture, database design, and training. He has consulted to financial services, legal, and political organizations, and in the electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical/consumer products, and entertainment industries.

Chad has an M.A. from the University of Minnesota and a B.A. from the University of Wisconsin. He recently completed his doctoral research on the ethics of the information systems consulting industry from the University of Minnesota.

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