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Strategic Management of Technology and Product Lifecycles

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Keynote Presentations

Geoffrey MooreGeoffrey Moore
Acclaimed author of best-sellers "Living on the Fault Line", "Inside the Tornado" and "Crossing the Chasm"

Focus Is So Important We Focus on Everything! Winnowing Down the Options in Technology-Enabled Markets

Technology-enabled markets give companies more directions, choices, and options than they can possibly handle, so one of the key challenges of leadership is helping your organization say no to something that is, in itself, attractive. In his talk, Geoff Moore will talk about the discipline of managing for shareholder value and discuss strategies for how companies can focus on where they are going to create distinctive competitive advantage, and where not.

What customers say about Geoffrey Moore:

"Great way to look at various cycles of high-end product introduction...a great experience."
Marik Balyasny, Engineering Manager, ITT Pomona Electronics

"Best of the conference - useful things that stuck."
Dan Nolet, Manager, NPD, Corning

"I learned something every time he opened his mouth."
John Casari, Unit Manager, Robert Bosch Corp.

About Geoffrey Moore

Moore’s first book, Crossing the Chasm, introduces readers to a gap or "chasm" that innovative companies and their products must cross in order to reach the lucrative mainstream market. Based upon two decades of high-tech marketing experience, the ideas in the book provide the basis of TCG's practice. Moore's second book, Inside the Tornado, offers readers insight into how to capitalize on the potential for hypergrowth beyond the chasm, detailing the need for radical shifts in market strategy and prescribing appropriate tactics for succeeding in each stage of the cycle.

His latest work, "Living on the Fault Line", Moore draws his readers’ attention to how companies that rose to prominence prior to the Age of the Internet can manage for shareholder value now that the Internet is here. The book guides executives and managers who are coping with disruptive technology, destabilizing their core market positions, providing them with new models, metrics, and organizational practices to meet the challenges of the new economy.

Moore is the Chairman and Founder of The Chasm Group (TCG), a consulting practice that provides marketing strategy and organizational services to leading high-technology companies. He is also a Venture Partner with Mohr, Davidow Ventures, a California-based venture capital firm specializing in specific technology markets. [More]

Meet keynotes Geoffrey Moore and Robert Cooper, and other conference faculty for an informal networking reception directly following the first day of the conference.

Wednesday, November 14 - 5:30pm-7:00pm

Dr. Robert CooperDr. Robert G. Cooper
Acclaimed co-author of "Portfolio Management for New Products," "Winning at New Products" and "Product Leadership," among others.

Market Readiness: Designing and Launching Winning New Products that People Really Want

Fast failures are far too commonplace these days in product innovation. The scenario is a project team that thinks they know what the customer needs and wants, rushes into Development, and launches a product in record time – only to find that they missed the mark. Sales did not materialize, the price was too high, or the product was missing key features and functionality. In his keynote address, Dr. Cooper looks makes the point that it’s false economy to cut corners in the up-front or fuzzy front end of the project. He outlines ways that you can build in the voice of the customer and use customer insights to develop superior new products that really do meet customers’ needs better than competitors’. And far from adding time to the project, Cooper’s methods actually reduce time-to-market by enabling the project team to get sharper and more stable product and project definition early in the game.

What customers say about Robert Cooper:

"Outstanding material - will be extremely useful almost immediately."
Michael Santoro, Engineering Manager, United Defense LP

"Energized and covered content effectively."
Tom Pozda, Director of Product Management, GELCORE

"Excellent, knowedgeable, and dynamic! Great audience interaction."
Sandra Denshaw, Program Manager, Ethicon Endo Surgery

About Robert Cooper

Dr. Robert G. Cooper is a world-class expert in the field of new product management. He has been labeled "the quintessential scholar" in the field of new products in the U.S. publication, Journal of Product Innovation Management, and "one of the preeminent experts on new product development" in an editorial in the US publication, Industrial Marketing Management. He is the author of the classic, best-selling "Winning at New Products" and "Product Leadership," as well as co-author of "Portfolio Management for New Products." He is a Professor of Industrial Marketing and Technology Management at the Michael G. DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. [More]

Dr. Cooper is one of the expert facilitators leading MRT's NPD Executive Roadmap Series


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