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Balancing Multiple Projects with Limited Resources

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Conference Agenda
Last updated 09-10-01

"Format is outstanding. Program well planned and executed" - Elizabeth Hammack, R&D Manager, ACS

Monday - September 24

Pre-conference Workshops

7:00–8:00 Continental Breakfast & Registration
8:00–12:00 AM Half-Day Session

A "Setting Project Priorities for Effective Pipeline and Portfolio Resource Management"
Mark Deck & Jeff Dupuie, PRTM

8:00–5:00 Full-Day Session

C "Implementing the TOC Multi-Project Method" Tony Rizzo, Product Development Institute

12:00–1:00 Lunch
1:00–5:00 PM Half-Day Session

B "Agile Pipeline/Portfolio Management: How to Create Buy-In" Greg Githens, Catalyst Consulting

5:00–6:00 NPD Executive Roadmap Series
Welcome reception for series participants

Tuesday - September 25

Main Conference - Day One

7:00–8:00 Continental Breakfast & Registration
8:00–8:15 Welcome, Management Roundtable

Agile Pipeline and Portfolio Management

8:15–9:30 Keynote:

"Agile Project Management: Problems, Principles and Practices"

Jim Highsmith,
Cutter Consortium

9:30–10:00 Break
10:00–11:00 Case Study:
Balancing Strategies for Program Management

Curt Raschke, Texas Instruments
11:00–12:00 Case Study:
Implementing Constraint-Bsed Program and Resource Management at LSI Logic

Linda Blauner, LSI Logic
12:00–1:15 Lunch & Breakout Session:

Knowledge-centric New Product Development
Charles Weinstein, Sopheon Corporation

Make Profits, not processes: Using constraint-anchored throughput management
Sanjeev Gupta, Speed to Market

XIS Breakout
Paul Webb, XIS

12:00–1:15 NPD Executive Roadmap Series
Lunch/Breakout Discussions

Resource Management and Allocation

1:15–1:30 Overview
Mark Deck, PRTM
1:30–2:30 Case Study:
Telecommunications Service Development Pipeline Management - "Just Say No!"

Paul Sapenaro, Sprint NCO
2:30–3:00 Break
3:00–4:00 Case Study:
An Integrated Approach to
Pipeline Management: Linking
People, Processes and Data

Mark Kleinle, Director of New Product Development, Shure, Inc.
4:00–5:00 Keynote:

"Strategic Portfolio Management: Leveraging Your Pipeline"

Dr. Scott Edgett,

5:00–6:30 NPD Executive Roadmap Series
Reception and Intergroup Networking
5:00–6:30 Wine and Cheese Reception

Wednesday - September 26

Main Conference - Day Two

7:00-8:00 Continental Breakfast

Breakfast Breakout Session:

Implementing Strategic Priorities: Who Decides What Doesn't Get Done
Bill Kern, IPS Associates

Platforms, People and Information Flow

8:00–9:30 Keynote:

"Multiproject Management in Product Development"

Michael Cusumano,
MIT/Sloan School of Business

9:30–10:00 Break
10:00–11:00 Case Study:
Anticipating Change: Optimizing Resources at Cisco

Bob Frazier, Cisco Systems
11:00–12:00 Case Study:
Optimizing a Portfolio Across an F2B Product Development Architecture

Noo Mangat, Hercules Corp. &
Paul O'Connor, The Adept Group
12:00–1:00 Lunch
12:00– NPD Executive Roadmap Series
Lunch & Special Session with Dr. Edgett

Optional Post-Conference Mini-Workshops

1:00–2:30 Option 1:
"Real Benefits in Only 60 Days: A Non-Threatening, Incremental Approach to Critical Chain Project Management Implementation"

Eugene Kania, NPDP, formerly with Lucent Technologies

Option 2:
"Integrating Process Management with Program Management"

Stephen Armstrong, Principal, AMGI

2:30 Program ends

Supporting Organizations:
Speed to Market Sopheon Project Management Institute - New Product Development Special Interest Group
Sloan Management Review    IPS

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