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Balancing Multiple Projects with Limited Resources

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Summary of Deliverables

  • Insight into portfolio and resource management approaches being used successfully by leading companies
  • Access to some of the nation’s foremost product development and multi-project management experts
  • Specific action steps and implementation guidelines to use right away
  • Full set of materials, case studies, charts, checklists which can be shared with others upon return to your organization
  • Follow-up material, including online presentation slides and e-mail networking directory

Sloan Management Review

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Sloan Management Review BONUS! Every confererence attendee will receive a complimentary one-year subscription to MIT's Sloan Management Review!

24 Key Benefits

"One of the best conferences overall; measured by actionable priniciples and ideas." - Bob Willoughby, Manager of Engineering R&D, Senco Products

By participating in this highly practical conference,
you will learn:

1. How to weed out losing projects. Prioritize by profit potential.
2. How to share fixed resources (including scarce technical talent), product platforms, and key components across projects and teams – for much higher return on engineering hours invested.
3. How to manage multiple projects, accelerate product introductions, and spread risk.
4. How to determine the most effective way to organize, deploy and motivate people for your company’s unique needs.
5. How to use new IT tools to guide bottom-line portfolio and pipeline decisions.
6. How to implement non-traditional, fast-results methods such as critical chain, constraints-based portfolio management, and agile project management
7. About the 6 characteristics of an adaptive lifecycle – mission-focused, component-based, iterative, time-boxed, risk driven and change tolerant.
8. How to balance flexibility and project predictability
9. Whether to centralize or decentralize decision-making
10. How to manage very short cycle times and overlapping shared resources
11. How to use polarity mapping to balance conflicting requirements
12. How to make difficult tradeoffs and correctly limit the number of development projects
13. How to load fewer projects into the pipeline and get more into the market
14. How to use the Internet to facilitate project team communication
15. How to optimize the "closed loop" new product introduction process
16. How to manage cross-divisional development
17. How to gain organizational buy-in to focus resources on the highest value activities
18. How to best organize for speed and maximum throughput
19. How to reconcile project versus functional allegiances
20. How to make better allocation decisions
21. What kind of information system will help you manage, and what information should be tracked and shared
22. To anticipate when to shift resources
23. To prepare for new technologies and rapid market changes
24. To resolve conflicts among competing priorities, across multiple projects
Download PPM01-cj.pptWhy you can't afford to miss this conference - Download our "Cost/Benefit Analysis" powerpoint document, a handy tool for you to help convince others of the value of this program. Includes a helpful spreadsheet tool.   [Download PPM-CJ.ppt - 173kb] new.gif (1144 bytes)

Supporting Organizations:
Speed to Market Sopheon Project Management Institute - New Product Development Special Interest Group
Sloan Management Review    IPS

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