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Balancing Multiple Projects with Limited Resources

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Post-Conference Mini-Workshops

Wednesday, September 26
1:00pm - 2:30pm

Bonus! You may choose one of the following two 90-minute sessions to focus on deployment of new techniques upon return to your organization. While less comprehensive than the pre-conference workshops, they nonetheless provide practical implementation ideas. These workshops are offered at no additional charge, pre-registration is required to guarantee your place.

Option #1:

Real Benefits in Only 60 Days:
A Non-Threatening, Incremental
Approach to Critical Chain Project
Management Implementation
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In this workshop, you will learn a common-sense Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) implementation approach that is direct, non-threatening and incremental. It has been successfully applied from small to huge product development organizations. This approach will not only appeal to "early adopters," but it has the potential to allow CCPM to "cross the chasm" so that the vast majority of product development organizations can use CCPM to deliver quality products very quickly without sacrificing content or adding development staff.

Some things that you will learn in this workshop are:

  • The 2 keys to a successful CCPM implementation.
  • The 3 disciplines that you must acquire to be the best.
  • The "old-fashioned" method that is the foundation for CCPM.
  • The role of communication in excellent project execution.
  • How to create urgency and focus without causing burn-out and frustration.

Since 1997, Eugene Kania has been an internal management consultant at Lucent Technologies pioneering the use of Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) in New Product Development (NPD). Mr. Kania, who recently left Lucent to help other companies gain the benefits of CCPM, is a certified Jonah from the A.Y. Goldratt Institute (AGI), the founding organization of the Theory of Constraints (TOC), as well as an expert in CCPM and other TOC Methods.

Option #2:

Integrating Process Management with Program Management: How to Achieve Cross-Functional, Concurrent Product Development PPMbullet.GIF (106 bytes)

This session will focus on how to establish a process framework to guide development projects and determine roles and responsibilities. It will cover the maturity gates and formal reviews that control progress of new products through a life cycle, as well as sub-processes that re-engineer the product development process into a cross-functional, concurrent approach.

A special focus will be on implementation issues. What attributes should the leader possess? Where should he/she look for support? How should the team be organized? What is the first order of business for the project team? How do you implement cross-functional teams and consensus decision making? What do you do about individuals who try to sabotage change?

Case studies will highlight the five pitfalls typical PD projects face -- you will learn how to overcome them and develop strategies to ensure success.

Stephen Armstrong, Principal, AMGI, is uniquely qualified to talk about this subject. An apprenticed trained tool maker/manufacturing Engineer, Professional Engineer, and Certified Management Consultant, he has headed AMGI, a Toronto based consulting practice for seven years. He has led many of the world’s leading aerospace companies to successfully implement Collaborative Product Development – including managing the politics required to transfer ownership of the new system.

Supporting Organizations:
Speed to Market Sopheon Project Management Institute - New Product Development Special Interest Group
Sloan Management Review    IPS

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