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Balancing Multiple Projects with Limited Resources

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Monday, September 24

3 pre-conference workshops are offered as a modular part of the program. They are designed specifically to give you hands-on experience and individual attention – you will come away from these workshops with know-how and immediate action steps. Please note that these workshops are offered at an additional fee; two are half-day sessions, and one is full day. Pre-registration is advised to ensure your place.

Morning Workshop
8:00 am –12:00 noon

A. Setting Project Priorities for Effective Pipeline and Portfolio Resource Management PPMbullet.GIF (106 bytes)

deck.gif (3308 bytes) Mark Deck
jdupuie.gif (3191 bytes) Jeff Dupuie

Managing resources across projects requires making management tradeoffs between project opportunities. Firms must strike a balance between factors such as strategic goals, market windows, fiscal realities, customer demands, project timing, resource availability, resource requirements, and outsourced leverage.

This workshop will provide practical insights into making these balancing decisions. In particular, the workshop will cover topics such as:

  • How to measure portfolio performance and identify project value drivers
  • How to link business strategy and goals to individual project decisions and priorities
  • How to help an executive decision team develop project priorities using value driver charts and dashboards
  • How to avoid decision-making traps and pitfalls
  • How to communicate and align project priorities across the organization
  • How to dynamically manage the new product portfolio under changing market, technology, and project conditions
  • How to leverage integrated project and portfolio information systems to facilitate advanced resource, pipeline, and portfolio management

Participants will also work through an interactive, hands-on case example using a portfolio management system and a complete portfolio data set.

This workshop will be conducted by Mark Deck and Jeff Dupuie, both with PRTM Consulting. Both Mark and Jeff have extensive experience implementing portfolio and resource management best practices with a broad set of high-technology companies. Mark is a Director responsible for PRTM's overall ePACE® practice (Product And Cycle-time Excellence®). Jeff is a Principal who leads the Dynamic Portfolio Management segment of ePACE.

Afternoon Workshop
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

B. Agile Pipeline/Portfolio Management: How to Create Buy-In PPMbullet.GIF (106 bytes)

githens.gif (2976 bytes) Greg Githens
Catalyst Consulting

Many organizational improvement initiatives fail, including those focusing on portfolio and pipeline management. There are many tools and approaches, but also just as many divergent opinions on what to do. Furthermore, external conditions can change so rapidly that whatever is ultimately decided upon may become irrelevant.

This highly interactive workshop will provide a framework for making sure people are aligned, that pipeline and portfolio decisions are supported, and that you have the agility to adapt as necessary. In addition, you will learn to choose and effectively apply the right management techniques for your unique environment. Your take-away will be a customized agile deployment strategy, and you will have the opportunity to compare approaches and insights with your peers.

Depending on participants’ specific interests, implementation techniques to be covered include:

  • Recognizing the "death spiral" that overwhelms organizations with work
  • Creating buy in and commitment
  • Managing "popcorn priorities"
  • Assessing risks during the rollout of new initiatives
  • Creating organizational agility
  • Polarity mapping
  • Creating a sense of urgency in the organization

Greg Githens has over 20 years of experience in program management. He is a Managing Partner with Catalyst Management Consulting. He works with firms of all sizes and industries to solve specific problems, and to create new capability or improve existing capability. This includes rapid project development (improved time-to-market) performance, tools/practices for both the "fuzzy front end" of development, as well as the deployment back end. He has considerable experience in facilitating strategic and tactical planning.

Full Day Workshop
8:00 am – 5:00 pm

C. Implementing the TOC Multi-Project Method PPMbullet.GIF (106 bytes)

rizzo.gif (4036 bytes) Tony Rizzo
PD Institute

Dr. Russel L. Ackoff writes the following, about systems:

Imagine that you are able to collect in your garage the best automobile engine ever built, the most sophisticated transmission, the best engineered fuel injection system and suspension system, the sleekest automobile body ever designed by Ferrari, and the most successful example of every automobile part ever produced anywhere in the world. When you complete your collection, will you have a car? No! When you complete your collection, you will have nothing more than an aggregation of car parts. A car is a system, and a system is not defined by its parts but by the interactions between its parts.

A product development organization, too, should be a system. But, most organizations that exist today do not perform as effective systems. Rather, they perform as aggregations of functions, mere collections of organizational parts, which interact poorly if at all.

With the Theory of Constraints, your new-product introduction organization can become one of the most effective, most profitable for-profit systems in the world. During this workshop you will learn:

  • About Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints.
  • How to apply the Boyd Cycle & Maneuver Warfare to new product introduction.
  • How to leverage the Product Development Information Cycle.
  • How to use the Critical Chain method.
  • The difference between Type-A organizations and Type-B organizations.
  • About the components missing from your system today.
  • How to create an immediate burst of speed.
  • How to select the right cut-over project.
  • How to create effective schedules.
  • How to use the planning buffer to keep your system running efficiently.
  • How to use the placeholder method to accommodate urgent customer needs.
  • How to dramatically improve your system’s financial performance while controlling costs.
  • How to apply TOC’s Five Focusing Steps to your entire enterprise and prepare for success.

A special feature of this workshop is the opportunity to use PDI’s exclusive physical simulator -- from this hands-on activity, you will clearly see how to create and manage a more effective system within your own organization.

Tony Rizzo was fortunate to have participated in the very first TOC Multi-Project Management Method implementation in the world while he was at Lucent Technologies. Tony personally guided that first implementation and others to success. In all, Tony has launched nearly a dozen such implementations. Today, Tony Rizzo runs the New Jersey-based Product Development Institute, an independent management consulting firm that specializes in the improvement of profitability through TOC methods.

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Bonus Post-Conference Mini-Workshops

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