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Product Portfolio
& Pipeline Management

Linking Resource Allocation to Strategy and Market Need
April 24-25, 2006 / Chicago, IL


6 Key Deliverables | Who Should Attend

New, unconventional and proven methods for evaluating opportunities and dynamically optimizing resources; bring market intelligence to product “go-kill” and investment decisions, identify and focus on the competitive differentiators in your portfolio.

Learn to:

  • Find the right mix of sustaining vs. innovative new projects for your product portfolio - make the leap from incremental to accelerated growth

  • Effectively manage risk and market uncertainty – incorporate market intelligence into portfolio management decisions for greater ROI

  • Align strategies, resources and capacity with operational execution – make sure your portfolio of projects is synergistic and not pulling resources away from key opportunities

  • Increase portfolio value - ensure that higher value projects are properly resourced and low performers are dropped early on

  • Link customer value (customer loyalty) to innovation and portfolio management decisions for long-term brand success

  • Redefine your profit drivers to achieve low-risk growth

  • Tap new sources of revenue, even in mature industries

  • Identify and focus on the competitive differentiators; take advantage of others’ product shortcomings

  • Change quickly with industry dynamics and strategic shifts

6 Key Deliverables:

By participating you will know how to not just manage your product portfolio, but to profitably innovate within it. Specifically you will receive:

  1. Techniques (beyond stage-gate) to encourage breakthroughs in portfolio decision-making

  2. Methods to ensure high value while minimizing risk, to assess market opportunities and ROI potential with greater certainty

  3. Tools to uncover the competitive differentiators and disrupters in your portfolio – to focus resources wisely while identifying the projects to drop early on

  4. Organizational strategies to gain buy-in and alignment across functions

  5. Dynamic resource allocation approaches to effectively manage and prioritize multiple projects

  6. Comparison of available IT tools that facilitate portfolio and pipeline management

Who Should Attend:

This conference is recommended for Vice Presidents, Directors and Managers of:

  • R&D

  • Product Development

  • Engineering

  • Strategy

  • Process Management

  • Program Management

  • Innovation

  • Corporate/Global Development

It is especially worthwhile for companies seeking to gain a competitive edge through technology- and market-driven innovation. Opportunity to benchmark and network with others from all industries is designed into the program; special rates are offered for groups.

Available Mon-Fri 
9:30am-5pm est

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