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2 - D A Y  W O R K S H O P
Product Management
Rationalizing & Revitalizing the Portfolio
for Market Growth

 Dates & Location:
 July 17-18, 2007
/ Chicago, IL

An interactive two-day workshop focused on how to leverage new markets, products and opportunities while phasing out the old

Led by
Linda Gorchels

Director of Marketing Education Programs,
Executive Education,
University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business

Acclaimed author of:

  • The Product Manager’s Handbook

  • The Product Manager’s Field Guide, and

  • The Manager’s Guide to Distribution Channels


  • Realign your product portfolioidentify key leverage points; align portfolios with market opportunities, corporate strategies and brand architecture

  • Rationalize and rejuvenate your product offeringsreduce product complexity, revive product growth and extend products and brands

  • Explore novel approaches to identifying new product opportunitiesbreak free from the status quo; learn to better evaluate new product concepts

  • Develop a market-based mindsetmake portfolio decisions that enable you to gain new customers while maintaining your most important current ones

  • Refine your go-to-market systemensure launch success with key stakeholders and channel partners


Who Should Attend
Developed for the experienced practitioner, this workshop will provide participants with a new competency in product management. It is highly recommended for VPs, Directors and Managers of Product Management, Product Development, R&D, Marketing, Sales, and Process Improvement. In addition, the session will also be beneficial for VPs, Directors and Managers of Supply Chain, Logistics, Operations and all others that are affected by product rationalization decisions.

Note: Because the role of product management is often shared among functions (and/or not clearly defined), this session is beneficial for managers from different disciplines to attend together. Special attention will be focused on establishing common ground and bridging organizational gaps.

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Special Bonus!

All workshop participants will receive complimentary copies of all three of Linda Gorchel's acclaimed books.