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2 - D A Y  W O R K S H O P
Product Management
Rationalizing & Revitalizing the Portfolio
for Market Growth

 Dates & Location:
 July 17-18, 2007
/ Chicago, IL


Why this workshop is important:

Are you seeing the whole picture?

We live in an environment of increasing product complexity, intense global competition, and accelerating customer sophistication. And sometimes the best choices aren’t the most obvious. Learn how to manage what really matters.

During this interactive two-day workshop you will receive proven strategies, tools and methods to:

Realign and refocus your product portfolio
Companies attempt to reduce risk by creating portfolios of offerings for customers. However, there is no one perfect means of risk reduction, and product managers should experiment with various approaches to portfolio design. This course explores some of the criteria and concepts you can consider to realign and refocus your offerings.

Explore new ways to revitalize your products
Every company has a perceived brand. What’s yours -- and what should you be doing to maintain it or to revitalize it? While nothing can compensate for undesirable or poor-quality products, it’s also true that great products will not sell themselves. Explore robust and flexible strategies to revive product growth.

Break from the status quo in identifying new opportunities
With today’s wealth of information resources it should be easier than ever to find the data you need to evaluate new opportunities. Too often, that’s not the case. Learn why.

Rethink how you engage customers
Who are your most important current customers and what are you doing to keep them? Which prospects would you like to add and how are you reaching out to them? Develop a market-based mindset to drive product development and increase sales.

Conquer channel and sales challenges during product launch
Your products don’t exist in a vacuum. New products, new markets, new competition and new technologies are all good reasons to revisit and refine your current go-to-market system. Learn how to improve your relationship with the companies and individuals who are critical to your launch success.

Through lecture, case examples, group exercises, and facilitated Q&A, you will come away with clear and practical action steps to focus your portfolio and unify your development, launch and sales efforts.

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