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2 - D A Y  W O R K S H O P
Product Management:
Rationalizing, Roadmapping and Rejuvenating the Portfolio

October 17-18, 2005 / Boston, MA

Why This Workshop Is Important

Clearly, having the capability in place to continually rejuvenate and rationalize your product portfolio is critical – no longer will cost-cutting measures enable you to fully maximize profit potential after launch.

In reality, the true cost of maintaining products is often hidden, making it very difficult (and often painful) to rationalize.  Even if you gain internal buy-in to discontinue a certain product, you may have customers who strongly resist – yet, if you hang on, you’re likely missing out on new, more profitable markets.

This workshop will provide you with effective strategies, tools and methods to proactively maximize your revenue and profits throughout your products’ lifecycles. You’ll be introduced to best practices in both rationalizing the portfolio and product roadmapping to prepare for future market and technology changes.  The workshop format will include lecture, case examples from multiple industries, exercises and facilitated Q&A.

Who Should Attend

Designed for the experienced NPD practitioner, this workshop is highly recommended for VPs, Directors and Managers of

  • Product Management

  • Product Development

  • R&D

  • Marketing

  • Process Improvement. 

In addition, the session will also be beneficial for VPs, Directors and Managers of Supply Chain, Logistics, Operations and all others that are affected by product rationalization decisions. 

Note: Because the role of product management is often shared among functions (and/or not clearly defined), this session is beneficial for managers from different disciplines to attend together.  Special attention will be focused on establishing common ground and bridging organizational gaps.

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Workshop Instructors:

Dan Bowman
Daniel Bowman

Principal, PRTM

Patrick Gordon
Patrick Gordon


Craig Anderson