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Contest Results - Resource Management Horror Stories

How to balance project opportunities with time, capability, and budget for overall profitability

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On Saddam Hussein, Milestones and How the Theory of Constraints Applies to Project Management - an exclusive interview with Eli Goldratt

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Product Portfolio Planning: Balancing Resources with Opportunity - 1999 MRT Conference

"In a crowded, over-conferenced world, Management Roundtable provides an effective platform for learning the latest product, service and business management innovations from leading experts. [MRT] makes the decision on what conferences to attend simple."
John Waraniak, Director, Magna International

Synchronizing Resources, Capacity and the Product Pipeline

Strategy, methods, IT tools, and cultural challenges

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HOTEL UPDATE - If you need assistance with your reservations at the Fairmont Hotel (such as if you need a room the night of Feb. 20th or wish to stay in New Orleans through the following weekend), please contact Tracey Kimball at 781-891-8080 ext 214 or email You may also wish to review our list of alternate hotels.


Don ReinertsenDon Reinertsen
Reinertsen & Associates
Co-author of the classic:
Developing Products in Half-the-Time

Michael McGrathMichael McGrath
Managing Director
Pittiglio, Rabin, Todd & McGrath (PRTM) Originator of the PACE® process

*Be among the first 20 people to register for the conference and you'll be invited to an exclusive luncheon discussion with Don Reinertsen [Details]

Plus case studies by advanced practitioners from:


  • How to create an optimal portfolio mix - is the sum of the whole greater than the parts?

  • Who should be accountable for what; how to resolve the conflicts among multiple reporting lines and multiple business units

  • The pros and cons of leading software tools and web-based solutions; how to make sure you have the right data for timely decision-making

  • How to prioritize, reduce waste, manage constraints, and make the pipeline flow faster

BONUS! - E-mail Networking Directory

All registered attendees will receive a directory of participant e-mail addresses to continue networking after the event. This is an "opt out" list, meaning you can request to have your contact information excluded from the distribution.

This e-mail directory is an exclusive feature
of all MRT conferences.

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