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2 - D A Y  W O R K S H O P
Product & Technology Roadmapping

April 3-4, 2006 / Savannah, GA

Why is Roadmapping Important?

Product and Technology Roadmapping is a mainstream tool used by industry sectors, companies, and non-profit agencies alike.   The technique has been in active use for nearly 25 years, yet organizations still struggle with the fundamentals.  Those that achieve sustainable benefit all have several things in common:

  • Roadmapping is a complementary tool that is linked to other business practices
  • Roadmapping has been distilled to its bare essentials for maintenance, thus maximizing effectiveness without significant ongoing investment
  • Roadmapping is used to drive scenario development
  • Executives, managers and staff all contribute to and access roadmaps to review current activities and consider future options

Most organizations have learned by trial and error, often making costly and time-consuming mistakes along the way.  Moreover, many attempt roadmapping and then fail to sustain it over time, making it a one-shot activity. 

This workshop is designed to target the challenges and barriers to success in product and technology roadmapping and will provide you with tools and strategies to significantly improve the effectiveness of your roadmapping activities.  Designed specifically for participants experienced in developing and implementing roadmaps, this seminar will involve a high level of participant interaction through guided case studies, roundtable discussion of key challenges, and hands-on experimentation with problem solving, scenario development and decision-making using roadmapping tools.  Workshop participants will leave with a strong network of like-minded industrial contacts to continue discussion into the future.

Who Should Attend: Is this Workshop Right for You?

This seminar is designed for managers and technical leaders that are actively engaged in roadmapping activities within their organizations.  The session will be particularly useful for organizations that are seeking ways to realize greater benefits from roadmapping by increasing its coverage within the company and expanding it to include partners and/or suppliers. 

To help you determine if you have the right level of experience to participate in this session, please review the questions below. 

  • Has your organization developed roadmaps in at least one product or functional area? 
  • Are your organizations’ roadmaps effectively linked to some of your business activities?
  • Are roadmaps used to guide investment decisions?
  • Does your organization use roadmaps to do scenario planning?
  • Are you able to discuss current roadmapping barriers and problems in a seminar setting? 

If you answer Yes to at least 3 questions, then this seminar is the right venue for you to gain further tools, insights and strategies to improve the effectiveness of your roadmapping activities.

Please note: In order to make this a robust learning experience for all, attendance is limited to 35 participants with team size limited to three participants per company.  

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