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2 - D A Y  W O R K S H O P
Product & Technology Roadmapping

April 3-4, 2006 / Savannah, GA

About the Faculty

Course Leader:

Irene Petrick
Assistant Professor
Penn State’s School of Information Sciences and Technology

Irene J. Petrick is an Assistant Professor in  Penn State’s School of Information Sciences and Technology and before that spent three years as an assistant professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering. Dr. Petrick has taught graduate courses in advanced technology management, corporate innovation strategies, and statistical process control and design of experiments; and undergraduate courses in human factors engineering, process quality engineering, concurrent engineering, enterprise integration, and information systems project management.  In addition to her professorial activities, she has over 24 years of experience in technology planning, management, and product development in both academic and industrial settings. 

Dr. Petrick specializes in technology forecasting, digital roadmapping, product and process development, and systems management, with particular interest in collaborative supply chain activities.  Within the past five years she has had research funding from a diverse group of industry and government sponsors, including Lockheed-Martin, Metal Powders Industry Federation, U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. National Institutes of Standards and Technology, Marine Corps Research University, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Pennsylvania Department of Commerce, and the Pennsylvania Industrial Modernization Center. She also advises private companies and non-profit agencies on technology planning and strategic roadmapping, including international work in public health and technology strategy for eight Fortune 500 companies.  In summer 2005, Dr. Petrick was a Boeing Welliver Fellow where she focused on technology strategy, collaborative new product development and supply chain integration. 

Dr. Petrick is author or coauthor on over 60 publications and presentations.  Below are recent publications related to new product development and roadmapping.

Petrick, I.J. (forthcoming).  Redefining Supply Chain Practices Based on Network Effectiveness and Industry Sector Differences, Accepted to International Journal of Foresight and Innovation Policy, Special Issue on the Future of Manufacturing.

Petrick, I.J. and Provance, M. (2005) Roadmapping as a Mitigator of Uncertainty in Strategic Technology Choice, International Journal of Technology Intelligence and Planning, 1(2): 171-184.

Petrick, I.J. and Echols, A. (2004) Technology Roadmapping:  A Tool for Making Sustainable New Product Development Decisions, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 71(1-2):  81-100.

Petrick, I.J. (2003) Linking Information Across Industry Sectors to Jump Start Product and Process Innovation, Portland International Conference of Management of Engineering & Technology (PICMET), July 2003.

Petrick, I.J. and Echols, A. (2002) Technology Choice and Pooled Investment Among Networks:  Supply Chain Roadmapping, IEEE International Engineering Management Conference Proceedings, Cambridge, UK, August, 2002.

Petrick, I.J. (2002) The Growth Imperative: Transforming the PM2 Industry to Compete for the Future.  International Journal of Powder Metallurgy, 38(4): 49-59.

Petrick, I.J. (2002) Using Roadmapping to Coordinate R&D Investment and New Product Development Across the Supply Chain.  International Journal of Agile Manufacturing  Systems, 4(2): 55-67. 

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