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2 - D A Y  W O R K S H O P
Product & Technology Roadmapping Fundamentals
Developing a blueprint for Organizational Buy-In & Long-Term Impact

 Dates & Location:
 May 13-14, 2008 / Chicago, IL


Roadmapping is a mainstream tool that has been gaining popularity since the 1980s. Yet more than two decades later, companies still struggle with how to get started, and more importantly, how to make roadmapping a sustainable and value-add activity. Typically, roadmapping has been used to drive technology and product strategy around the area of innovation. More recently, companies gaining the greatest benefit from this technique have expanded it to embrace multiple elements of strategy to answer critical questions including:

  • What, when and how to invest critical resources in technology

  • How to develop collaboration and partnership strategies that leverage R&D and other resources across organizations

  • How to expand existing markets and grow into new markets

  • How to continue to be successful in the marketplace while migrating from one product base to another

  • How to link information and activities in one part of the organization to other areas that face significant challenges

Participants will leave this workshop with a framework to map the strategy canvas and a series of questions and templates to help them determine the best starting point for their roadmapping efforts. In addition, participants will explore common barriers and challenges to roadmapping within an organizational unit, across functional silos and beyond the company to its partners/suppliers.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed specifically for technology managers, marketing directors, product portfolio leaders, and others in the organization who are seeking a better way to link market needs and technology evolution. Manufacturers, service providers, suppliers, and others will gain vital tools to help them navigate the complex landscape of product (or service)/technology/market strategy.

Attendees are NOT required to have significant experience with product and technology roadmapping. To bring all attendees to a base level of knowledge in roadmapping fundamentals, pre-workshop reading, questionnaires and templates will be provided to help each participant prepare for the session.

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