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2 - D A Y  W O R K S H O P
Stage-Gate® Innovation
Accelerating NPD Productivity
from Idea-to-Launch

 Dates & Location:
October 21-22, 2008
/ Oak Brook, IL



Agenda & Introductions

Understanding the Challenge

  • Introductory sessions – issues and challenges

  • The profit impact of new products and speed to market

  • Benchmarking performance results – how well are you doing at NPD? What do top performing companies do differently when it comes to product innovation?

  • The seven major reasons that new products fail

  • The six major time wasters in NPD and how to eradicate them

Team Exercise:
Problem Detection - Time & Profits

Introduction to the Seven Principles of Lean, Rapid and Profitable NPD (LRP NPD)

  • Defining productivity in new product development

  • Lean manufacturing and how this approach applies to New Product Development

  • The seven principles to maximize productivity in New Product Development

Key Practices in NexGen Stage-Gate® — Building in Three Principles of LRP NPD

  • Implement a customer-focused strategy and learn how to effectively:

    • Identify and exploit shifting competitive advantage

    • Better understand customer needs – learn the subtle differences between voice-of-customer, voice-of-salesperson, and real market needs and requirements

    • Develop differentiated, superior products with a compelling value proposition

  • The critical importance of front-end loading:

    • Improve the odds of success - select the right up-front homework to do

    • Determine the right amount of homework to do - how much homework is enough?

    • Getting to sharper product & project definitions

    • Working with ever changing customer requirements and flexible product definitions

  • Spiral development

    • How to effectively manage changing information and flexible product definitions – get the product right

Key Practices in NexGen Stage-Gate® - Continued...

  • Creating effective cross-functional teams

    • How to build teams for speed

  • Metrics, Accountability and Continuous Improvement

    • Implementing performance metrics – what to measure and what not to measure?

    • Establishing accountability for project teams based on agreed upon success criteria

    • Continuous learning and improvement

  • Strategies for Effective Portfolio Management – a funneling approach and resources in place

    • Winnowing down the pipeline to fewer projects – but better projects (those with a higher -value)

    • Understanding the value of adequately resourcing project teams

Team Exercise:
Translating Hi-Productivity NPD Principles into Practice


NexGen Stage-Gate® Idea-to-Launch Processes

  • The NexGen Stage-Gate™ process – less bureaucracy, less waste and increased speed

  • Effective strategies and methods to streamline your NPD Process – focus on the Value Stream

  • Understanding how the NexGen Stage-Gate™ process works – more details on the changes to stages and gates

  • Customizing Stage-Gate™ for both large and small projects: XPress and Lite

  • Tailoring NexGen Stage-Gate® for open innovation projects

Team Exercise:
Moving Forward – the Seven Principles

Designing and Implementing NexGen Stage-Gate® in Your Business

  • Learn how to diagnose, assess and overhaul your current idea-to-launch process your NPP to handle different types of projects

  • Find out when and where to use different types and versions of idea-to-launch systems – Stage-Gate™ XPress & Lite

  • Discover new ways to accelerate gate decisions, work with limited information, and preserve project integrity

Selecting Projects to Maximize Productivity – Portfolio Management

  • How to maximize the value of your development portfolio –

    • Select the right projects – focus on value to the company and profitability

    • Better project prioritization – learn how to use scorecards and the productivity index to increase portfolio value

    • Maintain a healthy mix of high-risk/high-reward projects and low-risk/low-reward projects

    • Balance projects with available resources – don’t overload your pipeline

    • Pruning your portfolio to eliminate wait time and ensure that higher value projects are properly resourced

    Team Exercise:
    Prioritizing Projects

Back to Your Business –
Next Steps and Q&A

  • This final session of the workshop provides an opportunity for participants to reflect on and discuss what they plan to take back and implement at their respective businesses.

  • Each participant will take-away a step-by-step action plan to adapt and implement the many key learnings and insights addressed at the workshop.

® Stage-Gate is a registered trademark of Product Development Institute and Member Company Stage-Gate Inc.


Robert Cooper
Renowned product development expert and author of the best-selling books, Winning at New Products and Portfolio Management for New Products

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