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Product Development and the Supply ChainPre-Conference Workshop

Pre-Conference Workshop - 8:00am-12:00pm (morning half day)
eCPC - Vision and Selection

Dr. Charles Downey, Practice Leader, eCPC &
Michael Leach, Director, eCPC, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Collaborative Product Commerce continues to evolve as web-based integration becomes reality and enables collaboration across the extended supply web. The early web opportunities of indirect materials procurement, order processing, customer service, etc. are being exploited by many forward looking companies. Although these successes have generally improved productivity and created a more competitive environment, this new environment has also created challenges that include:

  • The need for faster communications – internally and externally
  • The need for faster response times: design – manufacturing – distribution
  • The need for more accurate, real-time data: design – manufacturing – distribution
  • The need for improved knowledge management – across the supply chain

The leading companies of tomorrow will be those that leverage the strategic and infrastructure initiatives they have completed over the past few years and aggressively move forward to embrace new technologies to meet the above challenges.

While there are many attractive solutions to meet the collaborative product commerce challenge, it is important to note that any such initiatives should only be pursued within the framework of an overall plan. Before moving forward toward a collaborative model, management must recognize that you are embarking on a journey – with no defined destination. Understand the big picture and prioritize the initiatives that will provide the most benefit. Define the role of each of the systems that may be required throughout your journey. Only after you have developed a vision that is reflective of the business objectives and processes, can you embark upon the task of Solution Set selection — and ultimately, implementation.

This workshop concentrates on the issues surrounding the development of the eCPC vision and the subsequent approach to Solution Set selection.

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