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Product Development and the Supply Chain

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Contest Results

In May, we held a contest to name this conference.  The winner of the free registration and the ten winners of free copies of Powered by Honda will be notified directly via e-mail. 

We had responses from over 14 different countries, showing that this is a topic that truly knows no boundaries (corporate or geographic)

Scroll down below to see the many excellent titles suggested by our contest entrants.

"Name This Conference" Title Entries:

  • Product Development, the move into Gear for your Supply Chain

  • Getting Chained for Success - A Product/Partner/Profit Perspective

  • Customer and Supplier Integration in New Product Development

  • Collaboration Product and Technology Development through the Supply Chain

  • Extended Supply Chain: From Product Concept to Customer

  • Supply Chain Product Management

  • Designing for Customer Success - Product Development and the Supply Chain

  • Leveraging the Supply Chain - Better Products through Better Partnerships

  • (ISCAPE)- Integrating Supply Chain and Product Engineering Conference

  • Adjust your Chain - Optimizing your Product Development Machine

  • Building Decentralized Product Development Centers through the Supplier Chain

  • Optimizing business performance through Integrated Supply Chain Management and Product Development

  • On the Eve of the New Millenium: Revolutionize Your Product Development Performance Through Customer-Supplier Alliance

  • The Triad Model - Getting Engineering, Operations, and Suppliers to work as one.

  • Supply Chain Management: Issues and Opportunities Century

  • Optimizing the supply chain through integrated product development

  • Investigate, Design, Build Your Company to Success

  • Using the Suppy Chain as a Slingshot

  • Utilizing the power of the supply chain as a partner in product development

  • Getting Rid of Silos: Optimization through Communication

  • Integrating Product and Process Design with the Supply Chain

  • Product Development and Supply Chain Strategy

  • Today's Supply Chain: End-to-End Velocity

  • A better idea for Achieving Supply-base Partnerships

  • Conference 4P: Achieving Excellence in Position, Products, Prices, and Partners

  • Supplier/OEM Product Development - Who Should do What, and Why.

  • Accelerating Product Development Through Smart Supplier Strategy:

  • Boundless Synergies - The Marriage of Product Development and Supply Chain Management

"Name This Conference" Contest - Voting Results

A. Product Development for the Supply Chain – Better Flow from Design to Customer (11) - WINNER

B. Speeding Products and Improving Profits Through the Supply Chain (0)

C. Best Products, Best Partners: Achieving Supply-based Excellence (7)

D. Integrating Product and Technology Development through the Supply Chain (8)

E. Co-developing Products: Flexibility, Speed, and Competitive Advantage (4)

F. Optimizing the Value Chain – the Engineering and Purchasing Imperative (2)


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