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2 - D A Y  W O R K S H O P
Increasing New Product Hit Rate:
A Disciplined System for Front-End Innovation

 Dates & Location:
 September 23-24, 2008
/ Waltham, MA

Background & Opportunity:

“Success ..requires going beyond winning once to developing deep capabilities that allow a company to repeatedly disarm disruptive threats and seize new growth opportunities.”

“Building an Innovation Dynasty”
Anthony, Johnson, and Sinfield

Indeed, staying ahead requires continuous innovation -- the ability to consistently anticipate and go after market gaps. Too often new product development is reactive or random; teams are unclear what factors and processes really count and which don’t -- even when successful. Valuable time and resources are wasted trying to guess which idea will be the ‘next big thing,’ who should work on the project, what gates must be met, and how much should be invested.

Fortunately there is a growing body of knowledge to guide front-end decisions. There are proven techniques to help you discover and choose the right opportunities, allocate the right resources, screen the best ideas, and rapidly move into development.

These techniques will be taught at Management Roundtable's new 2-day workshop, Increasing New Product Hit Rate: A Disciplined System for Front-End Innovation to be held September 23-24, 2008 in Waltham, MA.

Led by innovation expert Geoff Waite of Sagentia with a special case presentation by Leslie Kulis, General Manager of Global Product Development at Armstrong World Industries this unique session brings together a set of realistic, repeatable practices that remove “fuzzy” from the front-end.

In a combination of lecture, interactive discussions and group exercises, you will receive:

  1. Steps to get your own implementation started: learn where to look for opportunities, how to evaluate and incorporate new ideas, make sure you have the right people, manage the product portfolio and build an effective, profitable innovation system.

  2. Real-world implementation example – how Armstrong Industries “made it happen”: its NPD front-end process from idea generation and capture, concept testing/shaping, idea pipeline management and team roles to metrics, resources and results

  3. The capability to determine and achieve the appropriate level of innovation – from market differentiator to game-changer – that will enable your firm to grow and prosper.

Who Should Attend:

This workshop should be attended by VPs, Managers and Directors of Innovation, New Product Development, R&D, Product Management, Marketing, Technology, Business Development, Strategic Planning as well as cross-functional teams.

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