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2 - D A Y  W O R K S H O P
Increasing New Product Hit Rate:
A Disciplined System for Front-End Innovation

 Dates & Location:
 September 23-24, 2008
/ Waltham, MA

12 Key Benefits

This comprehensive and timely workshop will provide you with the methods, tools and techniques to:

  1. Find and stake out fertile hunting grounds for opportunity discovery

  2. Implement a structured approach to idea generation, capture and management

  3. Correctly evaluate promising new product ideas before committing resources; keep pipeline full, kill weak projects early

  4. Make better investment and portfolio decisions – maximize reources

  5. Establish clear metrics, targets and reliable indicators

  6. Build a supportive organizational structure; define roles and process owners

  7. Determine when to partner and/or go outside for new ideas and innovation

  8. Anticipate and pre-empt potential ‘disruptors’

  9. Redefine and expand your market.

  10. Move the best ideas into development quickly

  11. Increase number of successful product launches; reduce the number of marginal projects

  12. Strengthen competitive position and top-line growth; build core-competency

7 Deliverables:

By participating, you will come away with:

  1. Opportunity identification and discovery methods

  2. Benchmarks and industry examples

  3. Application advice from experts

  4. Coursebook including all presentation materials

  5. Summary maps, and templates

  6. Memory jogger cards for each core step

  7. New network of colleagues to continue dialogue even after the workshop has concluded

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