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How to successfully go outside for new technologies and ideas -
and profitably bring ‘outside in’

October 28-30
Boston, MA

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Keynote Presenters:


Dave Edwards, PhD
Chief Technology Officer
Avery Dennison
Keynote Abstract
Tom Reeves
VP of Business Development & Licensing
IBM Corporation
Keynote Abstract
Brad Trucksis
Associate Director,
External Business Development

Procter & Gamble
Keynote Abstract
  • Where to look for opportunities and hidden technology gems

  • What to screen for; how to qualify

  • How to make better deals sooner

  • How to work with brokers and intermediaries

  • How to determine the financial value of IP—both external and internal

  • To strengthen your technology portfolio and product pipeline—generate new business and revenue streams

Summit Co-Chairs:

Case Examples
from Industry Leaders:

Dr. Jay Paap
Paap Associates
Foremost expert on technology scouting, corporate venturing, and other approaches to open innovation [BIO]
Dr. Paul Germeraad
Intellectual Assets, Inc.
Leading authority on integrating business, R&D and IP processes for competitive advantage

Pre-Conference Workshops:

AM Half-Day Workshops

PM Half-Day Workshops

A. Getting Started with Tech Scouting

Dr. Jay Paap
Paap Associates

C. Managing OI Relationships

Dr. Jay Paap
Paap Associates

B. Strategic Roadmapping and Project Selection

Dr. Paul Germeraad
Intellectual Assets, Inc.

D. Advanced Scouting and Roadmapping

Dr. Paul Germeraad
Intellectual Assets, Inc.

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Technology Scouting: Going “Outside” for Rapid Innovation

Insights from Summit Co-Chair, Jay Paap

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