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As the race to innovate has heated up, so has the race to find external technologies and make good deals. While going outside is often key to faster growth, there are many challenges and risks – from identifying differentiated customer needs to qualifying and choosing the right technologies, sources, and partners.

You must know where to look, how to screen, and how to make arrangements that allow you to move swiftly into development -- while the market window is open. You need to scan the globe for hidden opportunities and technology gems as well as for potential disruptors, competitors, and patent sharks. You should know what IP is worth – both your own and any that you might acquire. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you must pay attention to internal R&D, including team motivation, organizational structure and strategic alignment. You must know how to bring ‘outside in.’

To learn how others are handling these sensitive and complex challenges, we invite you to attend Management Roundtable’s First Annual Summit on Technology Sourcing for Faster Innovation and Business Growth to be held October 28-30, 2008 in Boston, MA.

This Summit will bring together industry leaders to share candid insights, experiences and lessons learned. Practitioners from companies such as IBM, P&G, Avery Dennison, Nokia, Corning, Dow AgroSciences, Kraft Food, Kimberly-Clark Heath Care, Cadbury, Johnson & Johnson, BD Diagnostics, Reckitt Benckiser, Motorola, and more will describe how they have implemented Technology Scouting and Open Innovation programs; specifically, how they have expanded their innovation networks, discovered and assessed opportunities, leveraged IP (internal, external and joint), enhanced productivity and competitiveness, and shifted organizational culture. They will discuss the risks as well as the rewards and provide you with specific how-to’s based on their experience.

Overall this Summit promises to be a rich forum on the strategic integration of external and internal technologies and innovation, enabling you to expand your market, business and overall ROI.

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Technology Scouting: Going “Outside” for Rapid Innovation

Insights from Summit Co-Chair, Jay Paap

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