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Key Benefits

By participating you will learn:

1. To match new technologies with real and unmet customer needs

  • Identify and validate market opportunities and white space as well as product and technology gaps
  • Avoid the trap of market-pull vs technology-push; match needs with new technology at the earliest stages; anticipate potential disruptors
  • Ensure differentiated customer value
  • Sense, monitor, evaluate, and select technologies with clear competitive advantage

2. To implement the most effective technology scouting & open innovation methods

  • Determine when to look outside for technologies, when to use your own
  • The nuts-and-bolts of tech scouting, sourcing, choosing and working with intermediaries and/or brokers. Which ones are most effective and trustworthy?
  • Qualify externally developed technologies
  • Tap into problem-solving capabilities of world’s best scientists
  • Pros and cons of different approaches – “stealth mode,” auctions, online brokers, labs, universities, VC, etc.

3. To successfully structure & manage Open Innovation relationships

  • Find and qualify partners and sources
  • Understand the art and science of deal-making, partnering
  • Align processes, ensure customer needs/quality/timing goals are met, and mutually achieve strategic and financial goals

4. To maximize the combined value of internal and external technology assets and capabilities

  • Uncover external opportunities to fill gaps in your portfolio
  • Use existing IP portfolio as a source of value with a revenue stream
  • Assess and monitor external relationships to ensure mutual gain
  • Protect IP – thwart competitors, disruptors, patent sharks

5. To lead the organizational transformation necessary for growth

  • Explore pros and cons of spinouts, spin-ins, corporate venturing
  • Manage the day-to-day realities of technology-based partnerships
  • Overcome resistance and not-invented-here mindset
  • Revamp metrics and incentives to reward your team for new behaviors
  • Implement structured processes; ensure clear communication among internal and external teams

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Technology Scouting: Going “Outside” for Rapid Innovation

Insights from Summit Co-Chair, Jay Paap

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