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Team Discounts Sign up with 2 of your colleagues (teams of 3 or more) and save an additional $100 each. Groups of 5-10 may deduct 15%, groups of 11+ may deduct 20%. For further group arrangements, call 781.891.8080 Teams may include customers and/or partners, as long as all members register at the same time.

Special Half-Day Pre-Conference Workshops -- Receive guidelines and how-to’s -- from beginner to advanced -- on technology scouting, roadmapping, IP leverage, and relationship management. More Info

Dynamic Industry Keynote Sessions – Gain insight and inspiration from chief technology officers and external business development leaders at P&G, IBM, and Avery Dennison. More Info

Conference Chaired by Two Foremost Experts - Receive immediately-usable overviews, syntheses and recommendations from Dr. Jay Paap and Dr. Paul Germeraad – two of the most respected and experienced experts in the field.

Two Interactive Panel Sessions – Hear what other practitioners are doing and what’s working. Compare notes about tech scouting, opportunity identification, partnering/licensing, integrating external ideas, aligning processes, managing change and more. Get candid answers to your most pressing questions. More Info

Networking - Reception, breaks, luncheons and interactive format are designed to introduce you to others and provide opportunity for informal discussion. Limited attendance ensures individual attention from faculty.

Open Innovation Resource Guide – An up-to-date directory with contact information to help you find brokers, intermediaries, technology sources, intellectual property services, and more.

Conference Materials Complete binder with case examples, matrices, charts and action steps serve as permanent reference which may be shared with others from your organization. Special follow-up package sent electronically to all participants with conference summary, downloadable files, and further notes.

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Technology Scouting: Going “Outside” for Rapid Innovation

Insights from Summit Co-Chair, Jay Paap

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