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2 - D A Y  W O R K S H O P
Technology Scouting to Accelerate Innovation
Implementing an External Sourcing Program

 August 14-15, 2008
/ Cambridge, MA

Key Benefits

What You Will Learn

  1. How to identify technologies required to address current or potential customer needs

  2. How to anticipate emerging technical trends while there is still time to react

  3. How to set up an effective scouting program; why it is necessary, what best-in-class companies are doing

  4. How to identify the most promising technologies and sources worldwide

  5. What tools and techniques you can use to anticipate disruptive technologies and collect technical intelligence

  6. How to develop a comprehensive Sourcing Strategy using the Technology Sourcing Matrix

  7. Where to find unexpected technology nuggets; including entrepreneurial, university and government sources

  8. How to choose and structure the most favorable arrangement (alliance, license, acquisition, joint development, and/or spin-out)

Key Deliverables

  • Technology Sourcing Matrix
  • Competitive intelligence gathering tools
  • Suggested resources to tap for new technologies
  • Comparative best practices from leading firms
  • Recommendations and advice for your specific situation
  • Comprehensive reference materials
  • An implementation action plan

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