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Dr. Eli GoldrattGoldratt Keynote
TOC Across the Enterprise

Keynote Sponsor - Speed to Market

Case Studies
Abbott Labs
The Bell Group
Seagate Technology

Working Sessions
1. Multi-Project
    Management -
    Rizzo Bead
2. Critical Chain -
    Single Project
Issues & Obstacles
4. TOC Measurement
    Systems for ROI

1. Implementing the
    TOC Multi-Project
Solving the

Goldratt Interview
Idiot's Guide to TOC

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How to synchronize, measure and control multiple projects an interactive discussion and working session with Dr. Eli Goldratt and leading implementers on using breakthrough TOC-based approaches...

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  • 07-25-00 Details now posted for the Seagate case study [details]
  • 07-05-00 Details now posted for the Abbott Labs case study [details]

Read a special note from Dr. Goldratt to conference alumni.
Read his special note to anyone considering
attending this conference.


  • How profitable product development hinges on throughput – within your entire organization and increasingly with partners and suppliers
  • How to synchronize multiple projects, resources, and timetables across the enterprise. How to prioritize and financially justify the product portfolio
  • How to measure and dramatically improve throughput in an over-committed, cutthroat world.
  • How to excel at on-time delivery, short cycle/lead time and fast response
  • How to implement Theory of Constraints-based approaches inside complex and dynamic organizations – and in conjunction with other improvement initiatives and financial measures

"This was one of the most organized and efficient seminars I have ever attended. I am convinced at other seminars you do not get experts, you just get people who read the book…here you get education from people who wrote the book. Eli and Tony Rizzo specifically are two of the best speakers I have ever heard – knowledgeable and eloquent."
-- Julie Burgett, Kinetic Concepts

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Read about our April 2000 Conference, "Applying Constraints Management to Product Development"

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