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Pre-Conference Workshop 1
(Note: Attendance is limited to 25 participants on a first-come, first-served basis. Early registration is advised.)

Implementing the TOC Multi-Project Method

Instructor: Tony Rizzo, Product Development Institute

This workshop is also being offered as a stand-alone session August 23-24, 2000 in Cambridge, MA. Click here for details.

Here is what a few participants had to say about the
PDI workshop on the TOC Multi-Project Management Method:

"Excellent! Provided practical tools to free up capacity."
Rob Wardlow, Manager, Product Development Process, CNH Global.

"Extremely well presented. Tony demonstrated and delivered a
great deal of insight ... clarified a fairly complex paradigm well."
Rick Mueller, Ford Motor Company.

"Good content. Very powerful presentation!"
Eduardo Miranda, Senior Specialist, Ericsson Research, Canada.

Should this workshop be offered again?

"Yes! - or rather, no. I don't want my competitors
learning this before I've implemented it."
Kevin Ley, Principal Engineer, Medtronic, Inc.


During the first day of this two-day workshop you will experience not only the problems that plague most product development organizations, but also the powerful multi-project management solution made possible by the Theory of Constraints. This highly effective management system will enable you to reduce cycle time, increase the number of projects that are delivered on time, and decrease the number of projects that are shelved or canceled. The first day of training will conclude with a presentation and discussion of the Critical Chain Method (a one-project model) and the TOC Multi-Project Management Method. During the second day of this workshop you will participate in the simulated operation of a multi-project organization, using a unique multi-project simulator designed by the instructor. This simulator is a visually intensive, physical simulator, with which you and other participants not only test and learn the TOC solution fully but also develop and test your own, effective implementation strategy.

If you want to propel your product development organization to unimagined speed, astounding productivity, and extreme profitability, then you must know how to use this powerful management system. More importantly, you must know what it takes to implement it successfully. This workshop provides you with this knowledge and more.

About the Instructor

Tony Rizzo was fortunate to have participated in the very first TOC Multi-Project Management Method implementation in the world while he was at Lucent Technologies. Tony personally guided that first implementation and others to success. In all, Tony has launched nearly a dozen such implementations. Today, Tony Rizzo runs the Product Development Institute, an independent management consulting firm that specializes in the improvement of profitability through TOC methods.

Workshop Agenda

Monday - September 18

7:00a-8:00a Continental Breakfast & Registration
  • Intro to TOC
  • Maneuver Warfare and the effective Boyd cycle in product development
  • Our counterproductive measurements and policies
  • The first bead experiment, with multitasking
12:00p-1:00p Lunch
  • The second bead experiment, without multitasking
  • Comparison of results; implications for performance
  • The Critical Chain Method, a one-project model
  • The TOC Multi-Project Management Method
  • The "Boom-Kerchink" system
  • Who's begun using TOC
6:00p-7:00p Social Hour

Tuesday - September 19

7:00a-8:00p Continental Breakfast
  • Reason for the simulation,Understanding the simulation process
  • Assignment of roles
  • Getting started
  • Simulation of current practices
  • Criteria for the first TOC project
  • Effective TOC scheduling
  • Transition policies and work practices
  • Simulation of transition period
  • Simulation of TOC operations
  • Impact of unplanned field problems on a TOC system
  • The buffers as operational measurements, and buffer management
  • Q&A/Wrap-up
12:30p-1:45p Lunch

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