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TOC Across the Enterprise

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attending this conference.

TOC Across the Enterprise

Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt
author, The Goal, It’s Not Luck and Critical Chain,
introduced by Sanjeev Gupta, CEO, Speed to Market

"one of the biggest problems…is that most people don’t see the company as a whole. They see fragments. Because of this, you get localized optimums, many wrong decisions, and much miscommunication." -- Eli Goldratt, interviewed in Product Development Best Practices Report

In his highly logical, mince-no-words style, Dr. Goldratt will lead you to see the big picture and discover how everything ties together. He will identify and help you remedy the true, core problem of complex organizations.

Through a combination of scientific explanation, extemporaneous discussion, and Q&A, Dr. Goldratt will expose the common mistakes that occur in a multi-project environment, and teach you how to recognize and correct them before they occur.

You will learn how to synchronize projects, resources and timetables across the extended enterprise. You will find out what to measure, why to measure, how to measure, and the results of measuring.

You will find out how to use simple control mechanisms to dramatically shorten lead times, reduce cycle times and increase profitability.

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