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Many companies have attempted to gather data on customer wants and needs by using  Voice of the Customer techniques, interviewing and observing customer behaviors but few have been truly successful at leveraging VOC – gathering the right amount of data, from the right customers, at the right time to come up with cutting-edge products.


In today’s economic climate of fierce competition and rapidly changing markets and technologies, companies cannot afford to miss the mark and create me-too products that don’t fully address customer demands or simply incorporate the latest “cool” technologies that may or may not benefit the majority of customers.


But just how do you find out what your customer really wants – which features are absolutely necessary – which are just a nice bonus?  How many customers do you really need to survey?  Should you survey them yourself or rely on outside market research firms?  Are traditional methods the best way to go or should you consider the speed and cost benefits of virtual customer methods?


Management Roundtable’s upcoming conference, Taking VOC to the Next Level: Define, Differentiate and Disrupt, scheduled for November 8 – 10, 2004 in Boston, brings together the foremost leaders in VOC to examine the latest methods of gathering and interpreting the customers’ voice and how to leverage that data in the development of groundbreaking new products.


By participating you will learn how to:

  • Engage customers to gather, manage and prioritize input throughout your product development process

  • Determine what specific VOC data you need  - and how to get it

  • Decide which features are requirements and which are expendable

  • Develop a successful cross-functional approach to VOC

  • Combine the VOC with competitive intelligence to define your next killer product

  • Capture VOC and effectively translate your customer data into product requirements your team can understand and deliver

  • Evaluate which VOC methods, tools and processes would work best with your company’s business model and how to gain company-wide support

The program format will include keynote addresses, a facilitated panel discussion session, industry implementation/how-to case studies, facilitated Q&A, pre-conference workshops and networking sessions – affording you multiple opportunities to interact with speakers, VOC experts and conference participants to ensure that your individual questions can be answered.

If you have any questions about this event,
please contact:

Tracey Kimball,
Conference Director
tel: 781-891-8080 ext. 214

Available Mon-Fri 
9:30am-5pm est

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Download Brochure
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