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15 Key Benefits


  1. How ethnographic research can bridge the gap between the customer voice and impact during the product development cycle

  2. Successful approaches to effectively translate your customer data into product requirements that your team can understand and deliver

  3. How much VOC is enough — can you minimize time and expense of VOC efforts without sacrificing quality?

  4. The importance of aligning your VOC techniques with your business design model; ensuring consensus among those gathering the data and those using it in key product decisions

  5. Strategies for using VOC data to drive product priorities, translate customer needs into business process metrics and set product development and improvement priorities

  6. The advantages of involving a cross-functional product development team early during the VOC process to instill ownership of the Voice of the Customer

  7. New virtual customer methods to improve the speed, accuracy, and usability of customer input in the product development process

  8. How to make descriptive customer data useful for engineers and others involved in all stages of product development, from concept development to full-scale production

  9. The latest tools and techniques to successfully interview customers and gain access to their unspoken wants and needs

  10. How to more accurately analyze, interpret and prioritize customer needs

  11. What VOC techniques best-in-class companies are using and what new techniques (and tools) are emerging (costs vs. benefits)

  12. What it takes internally to rapidly steer large scale change efforts; how to engage and gain support from senior management

  13. Who your real customers are: make sure you’re listening to the right voices

  14. New “virtual customer” techniques; “information pumps” and “information scoring” to encourage truth-telling

  15. Decision-making alternatives such as make-and-sell, sense-and-respond, and anticipate-and-lead for complex scenarios

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