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Self Test:
How strong is your organization's
VOC Process?


Take this quick self-diagnostic to identify and evaluate your team’s strengths and weaknesses in using VOC.


Rate each question:
1 = always, 2 = sometimes, 3 = never

Scoring chart appears below.

  1. Do your marketing and engineering people come to
    agreement over requirements and specs quickly?
    1-Always 2-Sometimes 3-Never

  2. Do you know which customers are the “right” ones to
    1-Always 2-Sometimes 3-Never

  3. Do you know how many customer interviews are
    necessary for an accurate reading of needs?
    1-Always 2-Sometimes 3-Never

  4. Are your VOC techniques getting at customers’ unspoken
    1-Always 2-Sometimes 3-Never

  5. Do you vary your research methods to fit the situation (i.e., interviews, observation, virtual customer methods, etc.)?
    1-Always 2-Sometimes 3-Never

  6. Do you separate “must have” features from “nice to have”
    features for your products?
    1-Always 2-Sometimes 3-Never

  7. Do you know how and when to integrate VOC data into
    your development process?
    1-Always 2-Sometimes 3-Never

  8. Does senior management support your VOC research and
    1-Always 2-Sometimes 3-Never

  9. Do you interview non-customers, past customers and
    others besides your biggest and best customers?
    1-Always 2-Sometimes 3-Never

  10. Does your team clearly distinguish between “needs” and
    “solutions to needs”?
    1-Always 2-Sometimes 3-Never

Give yourself 1 point for each “always,” 2 points for each “sometimes” and 3 points for each “never.” Add up your total.
10-14: Excellent—your team is experienced and ready to use new, sophisticated techniques to leapfrog competitors
15-19: Good—your team has a basic understanding of VOC, but there are clearly gaps in your process
20-30: Your team needs help in VOC. With some training and coaching, your company will see far better results!

Whether your process is beginner or experienced, Taking VOC to the Next Level is designed to do just that. The conference includes a range of sessions, from skill-building workshops to advanced case studies, with guidance from top VOC leaders to take your process and skills to the next level. Whether your score was 10 or 30, you will come away with new insights guaranteed to boost your ultimate score - your company’s bottom line.

Available Mon-Fri 
9:30am-5pm est

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