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From Fuzzy to Focused
How to Interpret & Translate Customer Insights into Innovative New Products

September 26-28, 2005 / Boston, MA

Tuesday, September 27 - 12:45-4:00pm - TRACK B

In response to overwhelming customer feedback requesting more information on emerging web-based tools for gathering customer insights, we have devoted an entire track of this year's program to this topic. Featuring companies with cutting edge new tools, this session will provide you with the latest information on the potential application, capabilities and benefits of these new tools.


7 Habits of Highly Effective Customer Feedback Processes

Larry Boldt
VP, Customer Management
Orasi Software, Inc.

Effectively managing customer feedback is a critical aspect of any Voice of the Customer initiative. Obviously, having a defined process is the first step to ensuring that you have a way to listen to your customers. Defining a customer feedback process is not rocket science, but understanding the nature or habits of customer feedback can lead to creating a more effective process that allows you to use customer feedback to drive product strategy, release planning, requirements development, design validation and beta testing. When this approach is taken, you can increase your chances of delivering the right product the first time and continue to meet or exceed customer expectations. The presentation will demonstrate how Orasi's customer needs management system, called IdeaScope, supports the process.


Getting Emotional:
Linking Functional Needs to Emotional Needs

Robert Klein
Applied Marketing Science, Inc.

Designers often struggle to create an emotional connection between their products and their customers. The best products not only deliver a functional solution, but also evoke strong positive emotions among users. In this session, Applied Marketing Science will show how to use VOCALYST®, our award-winning Voice of the Customer methodology, to identify links between emotional needs and functional needs, and how to use this insight to differentiate seemingly similar products in a crowded marketplace.


The New Product Development and Introduction Process (NPDI) –
A Critical Enabler of Business Success

Doug Macdonald
Director, Business Development-NPDI

New products are critically important to the future growth and profitability of manufacturing companies. And yet many companies have still to invest significantly in the processes required to go from idea to product. This presentation will present compelling evidence for the need for action and will set out steps that companies can start taking today.


How to Measure ROI and Win Funding for VOC Initiatives

John Chisholm
Chairman and CEO
CustomerSat, Inc.

A new approach to measuring VOC ROI, based on over a decade of field experience, models an organization's revenue as the sum of:

  • Revenue from new customers won

  • Revenue from existing customers retained

  • Revenue from customers lost during a period

We show how to estimate changes in each of these revenue components and associated cash flows resulting from VOC initiatives. We apply the approach to a financial services firm (Digital Insight) and an automation and control solutions provider (Honeywell).

In each case, ROI is high because the cost of VOC programs is small, while the assets leveraged by them -- product development and customer-facing sales and support organizations -- are large. A downloadable spreadsheet is provided to allow MRT attendees, for their own VOC programs, to calculate and demonstrate ROI to their senior management.

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