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Management Roundtable’s Fall 2006 Series on
Fast Innovation

 How to achieve today’s imperative of breakthrough products,
in record time, at a premium price

Eleventh Annual Conference on
Product Development Metrics:
Assess, Predict and Foster Innovation
November 6 – 8, 2006 / Chicago

How to accurately assess new product opportunities, predict the value of your innovation pipeline and ensure that your company’s metrics foster innovation-- both internally and with external partners.

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THREE-DAY Conference
Speeding Innovation: Concept to Launch in Record Time
December 4-6, 2006 / San Diego

Organizational structure, processes, communication, and decision-making to achieve speed. How to get products through the innovation pipeline faster; when to ‘go outside’ for R&D; what tools and technologies are available.

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Two key drivers to accelerating innovation while managing risk are:

  1. metrics to select the right ideas to fund as well as measure and raise the productivity of innovation efforts, and

  2. organizational speed, which involves rapid decision-making and operational excellence.

Two conferences, held a month apart, will focus first on measurement and then on process acceleration.