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A two-day executive forum focused on how to innovate differently in the face of a changing regulatory landscape, create a user experience that builds brand loyalty, open new market channels and secure the right talent to execute your innovation strategy.

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Tuesday, August 9 - 8:15a-9:15a
General Mills

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Heidi Emanuel
Vice President
Senior Innovation Officer
General Mills

Lead a collection of small "catalyst" teams who support General Mills Divisions in leveraging innovation best practices.

Examples of a few of the catalyst teams:

i-Squad: Cross functional team who facilitate new product teams in identifying new growth opportunities. They are trained on "best in class" approaches for doing this such as creative problem solving, facilitation, improvisational acting, etc.

x-Squad: Cross-functional team who helps General Mills capitalize on external innovation. They develop the tools and methods necessary to enable teams to identify and access innovation outside of General Mills

In-Market Experimentation: Team which focuses on helping GMI experiment in market very early to gain valuable real world learning. The team works at the intersection of sales and our New Product Development teams so they can facilitate this early learning as well as identify strategies that will help GMI grow with our customers.

  • 20 years with General Mills
  • Held a variety of positions in a variety of functions at GMI prior to leading S&I, including Traditional Research & Development, Marketing/New business development, Corporate Strategy

Graduate Degree in Food Science & Nutrition from University of Minnesota


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Learn how to:

  • Deliver results while building up your company's innovation capabilities

  • Evolve company culture to support and drive innovation initiatives

  • Expand your innovation processes across multiple functions and levels

  • Find growth in mature markets to expand your brand reach and increase revenues

  • Accelerate innovation by partnering with key customers, consumers and suppliers

  • Recruit, incentivize and retain the right top talent to roll out and execute your new innovation initiatives

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