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A two-day executive forum focused on how to innovate differently in the face of a changing regulatory landscape, create a user experience that builds brand loyalty, open new market channels and secure the right talent to execute your innovation strategy.

Case Study Presentation
Wednesday, August 10 - 10:00a-10:45a
Making Your Organization a Magnet for Innovation Talent

Ms. Stevenson will outline what it takes in today's economy to attract the talent you need to build and drive a sustainable growth engine fueled by innovation. She will define what and how top innovation leaders think about making a move, and where they are located. Knowing where they are and how to attract them is one thing, but understanding the competencies that will make them a high impact fit is the secret sauce that defines success for your organization. Ms Stevenson will uncover how to accurately assess the type of innovation that your organization needs, and what type of leader and culture will create an innovation trifecta for your organization.

Following is an outline of the questions that will be covered:

  1. What is innovation leadership? Whose accountability is it?

  2. What are the characteristics and competencies that define an effective leader of innovation?

  3. What are the four levels of innovation? How do I know what type of leadership and culture is right for each?

  4. Where are they and how do I access them?

  5. What are the factors that define the organizations that consistently attract the best innovation leaders?

  6. What is the outlook for innovation talent going forward?

  7. Can an organization drive growth without innovation?

Jane M. Stevenson
Vice Chairman
Board & CEO Services
Korn/Ferry International

Jane M. Stevenson is Vice Chairman, Board and CEO Services at Korn/Ferry International. Acknowledged by BusinessWeek as one of the "100 Most Influential Search Consultants in the World", Jane is a pioneer in the field of innovation leadership, recruiting many of the first Chief Innovation Officers and CEO's focused on growth through innovation. The architect of leading edge offerings for boards and top executives, Jane is frequently consulted to discuss trends and issues relating to best practices in innovation and general management.

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Learn how to:

  • Deliver results while building up your company's innovation capabilities

  • Evolve company culture to support and drive innovation initiatives

  • Expand your innovation processes across multiple functions and levels

  • Find growth in mature markets to expand your brand reach and increase revenues

  • Accelerate innovation by partnering with key customers, consumers and suppliers

  • Recruit, incentivize and retain the right top talent to roll out and execute your new innovation initiatives

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