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A two-day executive forum focused on how to innovate differently in the face of a changing regulatory landscape, create a user experience that builds brand loyalty, open new market channels and secure the right talent to execute your innovation strategy.

Case Study Presentation
Wednesday, August 10 - 9:00a-9:45a
Stepping up the Innovation Game and Driving Solid Performance

Barry Calpino will discuss the story of how Kraft is stepping up its game in Innovation - driving to consistently strong innovation performance. To more successfully commercialize sustainable innovations, there are several steps that Kraft and its innovators are taking at early stages of development, not as afterthoughts for commercial products. These steps include actions and best practices focused on delivering a strong long and medium-term innovation pipeline and towards stepped up execution in-market.

Barry Calpino
Vice President
Breakthrough Innovation
Kraft Foods


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Learn how to:

  • Deliver results while building up your company's innovation capabilities

  • Evolve company culture to support and drive innovation initiatives

  • Expand your innovation processes across multiple functions and levels

  • Find growth in mature markets to expand your brand reach and increase revenues

  • Accelerate innovation by partnering with key customers, consumers and suppliers

  • Recruit, incentivize and retain the right top talent to roll out and execute your new innovation initiatives

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