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A two-day executive forum focused on how to innovate differently in the face of a changing regulatory landscape, create a user experience that builds brand loyalty, open new market channels and secure the right talent to execute your innovation strategy.

Case Study Presentation
Tuesday, August 9 - 3:15p-4:00p
Expanding Innovation Processes across Multiple Business Functions and Levels

By the mid 90's McCormick had developed corporate competencies in sensory and culinary sciences. These were well utilized to support the development of new products. The businesses also relied heavily on trends analysis and consumer insights for NPD. By year 2000 the R&D sensory department had begun to dabble with the 'fuzzy front end' of new products, again to guide PD. On the high paced industrial side of the business McCormick combined these competencies into a rapid NPD process, 'CreateIT®', a new engine fueled by corporate competencies and open innovation. This process relies on extreme collaboration by a high performance team of internal and external stakeholders who represent key functions within the commercial organizations impacted by the NPD process. The process is based upon customer intimacy, consumer insights and early involvement of key decision makers. Marianne will describe the process and discuss two case studies demonstrating the speed and success of CreateIT®.

Marianne Gillette
Vice President
Applied Research
McCormick & Company, Inc.

Marianne Gillette is currently the Vice President of Applied Research for McCormick & Company, Inc. Marianne earned her MBA from the University of Baltimore and both BS/MS in Nutrition Science from the University of California at Davis. Marianne has published and presented on the topics of sensory science, herbs and spices, flavor trends and product development. Marianne is Past President of Food Update Foundation and is Immediate Past President of the Institute of Food Technologists.

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