PDmetrics Interview Series

We go 1 on 1 with product development experts and practitioners to gain street-level perspectives on important issues regarding measuring R&D performance.

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"Linking Metrics to Strategy"

Goldense Group, Inc.

Runtime: Approx. 40 min

In this 40 minute interview, Brad Goldense discusses the progress that organizations are making on measuring innovation, the growing importance and value of intellectual property, emerging predictive metrics and on the need to link development metrics to overall corporate strategy.

"Recalibrating Metrics
for New Economic Priorities"


Runtime: Approx. 20 min

In this roughly 20 minute interview, Peter Fritz discusses how the emphasis of metrics has shifted at 3M over the past few years, the value of technology development and the need to continually recalibrate metrics to reflect new economic realities.

"Current State of R&D Metrics"

Product Development Consulting, Inc.

Article: "Expert Warns: Current State of R&D Metrics...is bad"
Runtime: Approx. 20 min

In this 20 minute discussion, Wayne Mackey explains why he believes little progress has been made to back up all the talk from the last 2 decades about R&D metrics and describes new thinking and measurement techniques that are gaining wide popularity.


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